Fertilisers for marijuana

Fertilisers for marijuana plants are very important for a successful crop. Whether you grow indoors or outdoors it is necessary to give the necessary nutrients to your plants, but it is not enough to give them just any fertiliser, it is important to give them quality and specific fertilisers for each moment of the crop.

Why do I have to fertilise my cannabis plants?

Fertilisers are nutrients for plants, as living beings need nutrients to survive. When we use quality fertilisers, we get our plants to grow healthier and greener, with a great vigour of growth and more abundant harvests. On the other hand, when we do not use fertilisers, our plants become weaker, their leaves turn yellow and we do not get big harvests. That is why we must use fertilisers on marijuana crops.

Types of fertilisers for marijuana

In this section you will find all the brands of fertilizers for cannabis for sale in our online grow shop. But we want to explain a little about the different types of fertilizers we have, so it will be easier to choose the fertilizer that best suits your needs.

Organic vs. chemical fertilizers...

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