B’cuzz Coco Booster Uni d’Atami est un stimulateur qui renforce les plantes dans leur phase de croissance, en les nourrissant pour obtenir des fleurs abondantes à la récolte.

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B’cuzz Coco Booster Uni by Atami is a stimulator fertiliser that provides plants with vitality when they have gone through a stressful moment that may affect their growth. With this stimulator a natural plant extract is provided, together with a combination of nitrogen, magnesium and iron, a mixture specially designed to cope with environmental changes that may affect the plants in your crop.

It is a specific fertiliser for crops grown with coconut fibre, which strengthens the plants in case they go through stressful moments between their vegetative stage and before entering the flowering cycle, in order to prepare the plant with enough nutrients so that at the end of the cycle, abundant quality buds bloom.

Characteristics of B’cuzz Coco Booster Uni:

Stimulates the physiological processes of the plants. This fertilizer is a stimulator that strengthens the plants in their growth stage. B’cuzz Coco Booster is a universal booster that helps plants move into the growth phase as smoothly as possible. The importance of the growth phase should not be underestimated as it greatly affects the final yield.

Usage. Use in the growth phase and add daily when watering the plant. Optimum effect when used in combination with B’cuzz Bloom Stimulator. Apply to the plants during the growth phase and before the flowering stage, in order to prepare the plants to obtain a large yield of high quality flowers.

Resistance to adverse conditions. Plants produce a molecule called chlorophyll, by which they absorb light and modify it to convert the energy into sugar. The energy from this sugar is needed for cell differentiation, cell division and cell elongation.

Two essential elements for the plant to produce abundant chlorophyll are magnesium and iron. Therefore, if we want to have vigorous plants, they must not be lacking in order to nourish themselves better.

Therefore, if the plant has a lot of energy, it will grow more and produce more flowers.

Improve the quality of the harvest with B’Cuzz Coco Booster Uni:

Organic. B’cuzz Coco Booster Uni is totally organic, so thanks to it’s rich in natural extracts, the plants will be well nourished.

Compatibility. It can be combined with other basic nutrients or additives from all Atami product ranges. There is no problem if you apply it together with B’cuzz Coco A&B Nutrition, Bloom Stimulator, Bloombastic, Atazyme, Silic Boost and ATA Calmag.

Consistent results. Atami has been developing B’cuzz boosters for 20 years. B’cuzz is known for the quality and consistency of it’s products, being aware of the importance of the growth phase of the plants, so that the harvest is productive and of quality.

Benefits of B’Cuzz Coco Booster Uni:

Plants are fragile and even more so if they go through certain stressful situations, being more prone to weakening in the event of any setback. This is why we must be careful, otherwise their growth stage may be affected and our harvest may be harmed.

B’cuzz Coco Booster Uni is excellent to stimulate from the growth stage to the pre-flowering stage, if we see that they have stagnated when we change their environment, change pots, or move them to a greenhouse.

With this fertilizer you will nourish the plants grown in coco fibre, so that they are at maximum energy and thus grow strongly, optimizing the harvest in it’s growth stage.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Shake before use.
  • Apply this fertiliser from the 3rd to the 5th week of cultivation.
    • Add 0.1 – 0.5 ml of B’cuzz Booster Uni per litre of water.
  • Mix well to create a homogeneous solution.

For more information see the complete cultivation table for B’Cuzz products.


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