Once our crop is finished, the part we most want to harvest our plants arrives. In this section we show you different tools that will be very effective when it comes to drying, such as circular nets with different levels, electric and manual machines for manicuring.

Remember that for a good cannabis harvest these two steps (trimming and drying) are very important.


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Cannabis harvesting tools: Get professional quality harvests

Preparing for harvest

Harvest cannabis is the highlight of the entire cultivation process. After weeks of care, attention and patience, it is finally time to harvest the fruits of our labour. But harvesting is not just about cutting and harvesting; it is a crucial process that requires precision and knowledge to get the best results.

The perfect time to harvest

Knowing the exact time to harvest is essential. The buds must be at their peak of maturity to ensure ideal potency, aroma and flavour. This is observed by inspecting the trichomes – small structures that contain the active compounds in the cannabis. Trichomes change colour from clear to milky to amber as they mature. We recommend the use of microscopes and magnifying glasses.

Scissors for precise cutting

Scissors are our allies to trim the buds precisely and carefully, achieving a better harvest.

Minigrip scissors offer comfort and control, thanks to its ergonomic handle and reduced size.

The straight tip scissors are ideal for clean cuts, while the curved tip scissors avoid damaging the buds.

These scissors guarantee a clean cut and minimise handling.

Trimming machines: Efficiency and speed

Trimming machines are efficient tools that speed up the cutting process. Manual trimmers are ideal for small to medium-sized harvest, while electric trimmers are perfect for large harvests. These machines ensure an even cut and reduce time and above all a lot of effort.

Drying mesh for better crop control

Drying mesh is essential to dry the buds in a uniform and controlled way. Place the buds on the screens, allowing air to circulate and excess moisture to gradually evaporate. This preserves the natural aromas and flavours while preventing mould.

By achieving a gradual and uniform evaporation, we will achieve greater compactness of the buds, improving the quality of the final product.
For more information on how to dry cannabis buds, we recommend you visit “How to dry cannabis buds“.

Cannabis storage and preservation

After harvest, the buds must be stored properly. Vacuum jars maintain freshness and prevent degradation. In addition, humidity sachets regulate the relative humidity in the pot, protecting the buds from drying out or excess humidity.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cannawipes are useful for cleaning scissors and other tools during harvest. Keeping tools clean prevents the transfer of pathogens and ensures the quality of the buds, resulting in a better end product.

Boost your harvest with professional tools

The use of specialised cannabis harvesting tools guarantees an efficient, high quality harvest without damage to the buds. With precise shears, pruning machines and controlled drying equipment, you are on your way to becoming an expert cannabis grower who produces exceptional harvests.

In short, harvest equipment is essential for professional quality harvests. From specialised shears to pruning machines and preservation accessories, each tool plays a key role in the process of harvesting and caring for your plants.

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