Metrop fertilisers are renowned for their exceptional quality and effectiveness in plant cultivation. With a carefully developed formulation, these fertilisers provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced grower, Metrop fertilisers will give you optimal results and help you achieve abundant, high quality harvests. Trust Metrop’s experience and discover the power of their fertilizers to maximize the potential of your plants.


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    AminoXtrem by Metrop is a high-quality bloom stimulator made from plant extracts and contains amino acids and vitamins. It allows the plant to flower explosively and to be internally in optimal conditions to obtain great harvests in any growing medium.

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    Calgreen by Metrop is a biological fertilizer based on calcium and magnesium, it strengthens your plants and improves yields. This product will improve plant health, making them stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases.

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    Enzymes by Metrop is a complex of enzymes, whose function is to clean the growing medium ensuring better nutrient uptake and a healthier root mass free of salts or build-up.

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    Mam by Metrop is a biological fertilizer specifically for mother plants and cuttings. Thanks to MAM you will get a great vigour in your mother plants, developing more resistant and healthier cuttings.

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    Metrop Root+ is an organic root stimulator for marijuana plants. It develops a large root system for a better absorption of nutrients, resulting in bigger and stronger plants.

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    Metrop Mr1 is a growth fertilizer for marijuana plants. Highly concentrated biological fertilizer to stimulate plant growth.

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    Metrop MR2 is a flowering fertilizer for growing marijuana plants indoors and outdoors. Highly concentrated product made from high quality raw materials.

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    Rhizoxtrem by Metrop is a root stimulator for cannabis plants. This product is suitable for all types of cultivation and is completely organic.

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    The Metrop Starter Kit is a complete pack of 100% organic fertilisers and additives for growing in all types of substrates (hydro, coco, soil, etc.).

Metrop Fertilizers and Additives

Metrop is a brand of organic fertilizers specifically for growing marijuana plants. Their range of fertilisers and additives has become one of the most widely used and popular fertiliser brands for growing marijuana.

Metrop products are high quality fertilisers that will boost your marijuana growing, they are specifically designed to help you achieve extraordinary results and obtain the best harvests.

Benefits of using Metrop products

Growing with Metrop fertilisers offers a number of benefits that can make all the difference to the health, growth and yield of your cannabis plants. Below, I’ll highlight some of the key benefits of growing with Metrop:

  • Quality and reliability – Metrop is a recognised brand in the world of cannabis growing, and their fertilisers are highly regarded for their quality and reliability. By choosing Metrop, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are using products backed by the experience and dedication of expert growers.
  • Balanced nutrition: Metrop fertilisers are formulated with a carefully balanced combination of essential nutrients for cannabis plants. These nutrients are necessary for healthy growth, strong root development, abundant bud formation and high quality resin production.
  • High concentration and efficiency: Fertilisers are characterised by their high concentration, which means that less product is required to achieve optimal results. This concentration and efficiency ensure economical use and reduce the risk of overfeeding or nutrient build-up in the soil.
  • Specialised stimulators: Offers a variety of specialised stimulators and additives for every stage of growing. These products are designed to boost specific plant functions, such as rapid rooting and lush growth, leading to superior results at every stage of growing.
  • Improving soil health: Metrop also offers products such as Enzymes, which improve soil health by promoting the decomposition of organic residues and beneficial microbial activity. Healthy soil is essential for efficient nutrient uptake and biological balance in the root environment.
  • Technical support: When you buy Metrop you are not only purchasing high quality products, but we also offer technical support and advice. If you have questions or need guidance on the use of Metrop fertilisers, our team of experts is available to provide you with the necessary support.

Metrop Products

MR1 – Growth Fertilizer

Metrop’s MR1 fertiliser is ideal for the vegetative growth stage of your cannabis plants. Its balanced formula provides the essential nutrients needed to strengthen roots and promote vigorous growth.

MR2 – Flowering Fertilizer

When it’s time for flowering, Metrop’s MR2 fertiliser becomes your key ally. Designed to boost the production of high quality buds, MR2 will allow you to obtain abundant and tasty harvests.

Aminoxtrem – Flowering Stimulator

Metrop’s Aminoxtrem is a revolutionary additive that boosts plant metabolism, improving nutrient uptake and strengthening the immune system. Discover how Aminoxtrem can boost your growing and make your harvests much more abundant.

Root+ – Root stimulator

At TheMariaShop, we know that a strong root system is essential for the success of your growing. Root+ by Metrop stimulates root growth, promoting branching and increasing nutrient uptake.

Rhizoxtrem – Rooting stimulator for fast propagation

If you are looking to accelerate the rooting of your cuttings or clones, Metrop’s Rhizoxtrem is the perfect choice. This powerful rooting stimulator improves root formation and guarantees rapid propagation of your plants.

MAM 8 – Specific mother plant fertilizer

Metrop’s MAM 8 fertilizer is a specific fertilizer for the growth and maintenance of mother plants.

Metrop Starter Kit – Everything you need to get started

If you want to grow with the Metrop range of fertilisers and want to make sure you have everything you need for a successful start, we at TheMariaShop offer the Metrop Starter Kit. This complete kit includes a selection of Metrop fertilisers designed for every stage of your plants’ growth.

Enzymes – Improves soil health and waste decomposition

The use of enzymes is essential to maintain soil health and promote the decomposition of organic waste. Discover Metrop Enzymes, designed to improve soil health and optimise nutrient uptake in your plants.

Calgreen – Increases chlorophyll production and plant resilience

This product is specifically designed to increase chlorophyll production in your plants, enhancing photosynthesis and promoting vigorous growth. It also strengthens the cellular structure of plants, increasing their resistance to disease and environmental stress.

At TheMariaShop, we are passionate about providing you with the highest quality products for exceptional growing. Metrop fertilisers are a reliable and expertly backed option to boost the growth and yield of your cannabis plants.

Find out how to use Metrop fertilisers with the growing chart.

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