Magic mushroom kit are used for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental studies. We can find different types of mushroom loaves such as Mexican, Colombian, Mckenaii, Ecuadorian, Thai, etc.


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What are magic mushroom kit?

Hallucinogenic magic mushrooms kit, also known as hallucinogenic mushrooms, are mushrooms that contain psychoactive substances, such as psilocybin and psilocin. These substances are known for their psychedelic effects, which can alter the perception, thinking and consciousness of the user.

Characteristics of magic mushrooms kit

Hallucinogenic magic mushrooms kit are made of different materials for the proper development of the bread. Mushroom kit are mainly composed of materials such as vermiculite, rice, rye or other grains, which act as a substrate for the growth of mushrooms. In addition, inside the mushroom kit, we will find mycelium, which is the network of filaments of the mushroom. The mycelium is the vegetative part of the mushroom and is essential for absorbing nutrients and water.

Before the magic mushrooms grow, the mycelium completely colonises the substrate of the magic mushrooms kit. This is usually seen as a white, cottony pattern covering the entire mushroom loaf. After colonisation of the mycelium, the mushroom loaf can start to produce fruiting bodies, which are the magic mushrooms that contain psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin.

Different varieties of magic mushrooms kit

There are several species of hallucinogenic magic mushrooms kit around the world. Some of the best known include:

Mexican magic mushrooms kit: Mexican magic mushrooms develop a large yellow cap with orange tones. As a result, it produces stems of 10 – 20 cm and can produce 3 – 4 harvests. It is also perfect for growing mushrooms for beginners due to its high yield.

Hawaiian hallucinogenic mushrooms (Mckennaii): Hawaiian mushrooms, also known as McKennai, were named after the famous philosopher, writer and psychonaut Terrence McKenna, as he was a strong advocate of the responsible use of psychedelic plants, such as psilocybin mushrooms. We obtain mushrooms measuring about 10 cm, with a thick white stem and a round cap with orangey-brown tones. Growing takes approximately 15 – 20 days, and various cultivations can be carried out.

Thai magic mushroom kit: The Thai magic mushroom kit were discovered on the island Koh Samui by John Allen and are known for their fast and impressive development and their growing is very easy. The tops of the mushrooms are orange-brown in colour with light spots, reaching a size of 5 – 10 cm. It is a mushroom loaf for beginners, thanks to its easy growing conditions, fast growth and mild effects.

But that’s not all… more about mushroom kits

Colombian magic mushrooms kit: The Colombian mushrooms found by Gaston Guzman in Medellin produce a mushroom with a dark cap with small white dots, together with a thick, slightly yellow stem. Growing them is very fast and they provide an intense experience of everything around them.

Ecuadorian magic mushrooms: The Ecuadorian mushroom kit are one of the most classic species in the world of hallucinogenic mushrooms. These mushrooms originate from Ecuador and have a tall, strong stem, capable of reaching a size of 12 – 14 cm. Their round cap takes on an unmistakable caramel colour. It is a very productive and hardy species.

We also have many more varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms in our online grow shop.

Growing magic mushrooms kit

Growing magic mushrooms kit involves maintaining proper humidity and temperature conditions in a controlled environment, such as a growing bag or greenhouse. This allows the mycelium to develop and eventually produce mushrooms. It is important for growers to follow sterilisation procedures to avoid contamination by unwanted fungi.

XXL Hallucinogenic Magic Mushroom kit

Until now the mushroom kits had a size of 1200 ml, but at TheMariaShop we now have the new XXL mushroom kit available. We have the new 2200 ml size, where we have a mushroom kit of approximately twice the size, getting a larger quantity of mushrooms.

Traceability label

With the traceability label, the traceability of each individual loaf is known, from the beginning of the production process to the final result. This allows us to have control of the product at all times, resulting in greater security for the distributor, the shops and the end customer.

In the event of any possible incident, we will ask for a photo of the traceability label in order to clarify the incident.

It is important to remember that, as with the growing of psychedelic mushrooms in general, the growing of magic mushroom kits may be subject to legal restrictions in many regions. Magic mushrooms kit are used for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental study. Make sure you are aware of and comply with local laws before attempting to grow psilocybin mushrooms.

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