ATA Coco Max A&B by Atami is an organic-mineral fertilizer that provides nutrition and vitamins, thanks to the exact doses of potassium and calcium that the plant needs. Specific for coco substrate crops, with which you will provide the necessary nutrients for the correct growth and flowering of your plant.

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ATA Coco Max A&B is an organo-mineral fertilizer, which provides nutrition and vitamins in a balanced way for the crop, stimulating growth and flowering, with a two in one.

In a coco substrate culture, the soil gradually releases potassium, which is then absorbed by the plant. And as the substrate also tends to have low amounts of calcium, ATA Coco Max A&B provides less potassium but a higher dose of calcium. These proportions are so that the crop does not lack basic nutrients such as potassium and calcium, and the plant has a biological balance.

ATA Coco Max A&B consists of two bottles A and B, which, by mixing both liquids with water, the nutrients will be easily absorbed by the plants. It can be used throughout the cycle to provide the plant with the correct doses of the primary NPK nutrients that the plant needs for both the growth and flowering phase.

This product is divided into two packages, to preserve the composition of each one and thus obtain a good development of the plant with lush flowers.

Characteristics of ATA Coco Max A&B:

High calcium content and less potassium. ATA Coco Max A&B contains relatively less potassium, but a higher dose of calcium to avoid possible deficiencies. This is how it provides the crop with a biological balance.

Specifically for coco substrate cultivation. This product is specially developed for coco substrate cultivation.

Use. It can be applied during the whole cultivation. Bottles A and B should be mixed and combined with water.

Combination with other fertilisers. It can be used together with Rootfast to generate strong and big roots during the growing stage, and you can also apply ATA XL and ATAzyme, in order to generate quality and quantity flowers during the flowering phase.

Benefits of using ATA Coco Max A&B:

ATA Coco Max A&B, is a growth and flowering stimulator, with the right nutrients so that the crop in coco substrate develops without deficiencies and absorbs nutrients without problems.

With the mixture of bottles A and B, the plants will have the right amount of calcium and potassium to generate a long-lasting biological balance.

Dosage and method for use:

  • Shake before use.
  • Do not use the products without water.
  • Never apply the products at the same time. Let the product stand between the first and the second application in water.
  • Use during the whole crop.
  • Add 1 – 4 ml of ATA Coco Max Bottle A per litre of water.
  • Also add 1 – 4 ml of ATA Coco Max Bottle B per litre of water.
    • Rooting stage: 1 – 2 ml of ATA Coco Max A and B per litre of water.
    • Growth stage: 3 – 4 ml per litre of ATA Coco Max A and B water.
  • Beginning of flowering: 3 – 4 ml per litre of ATA Coco Max A and B water.
  • Flowering stage: 3 – 4 ml per litre of water of ATA Coco Max A and B.
  • Last flowering stage: 3 – 4 ml per litre of ATA Coco Max A and B water.
  • Mix well to create a homogeneous solution.
  • Coco Max A: NK 4-1 W/W.
  • Coco Max B: NPK 1-4-2 W/W.

For more information consult the complete cultivation table of ATA products.


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