Grow tent kits offer a convenient and complete solution for growing cannabis indoors. These kits include grow tents, lighting systems, air extraction, thermo hygrometers, pots, peat pellets and cannabis seeds.

They provide the necessary tools to create a controlled and optimal environment for growing plants, allowing you to successfully grow cannabis in your own home.


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In this section you will find the complete grow tents kits for cannabis growing, equipped with the necessary material and adapted to each type of surface. You will find kits in different sizes, depending on the needs and space available to the grower.

Complete grow tent kits are a complete and convenient option for those who wish to grow cannabis indoors. These kits are designed to provide everything needed to create a controlled and optimised growing environment, allowing growers to have greater control over the growth and development of their plants.

Grow tent kits for growing cannabis

The complete grow tent are the solution when you want to grow cannabis in rooms or houses keeping a controlled environment where we can replace the plant of all its needs.

We can find different sizes of grow tent kits and shapes for the cultivation of cannabis, depending on the space the grower has at home. In the grow tents is also important the type of reflector that has each one, the more points of engraving contains inside the tent, we will get more lumens for growing cannabis, so it is important not to skimp on buying the grow tent.

Lighting system

The cannabis complete grow tents kits are equipped with lighting systems that include a grow tent bulb, a ballast and a reflector. Bulb emits the light needed for healthy plant growth, while the ballast regulates the electrical current that powers the bulb. The reflector helps to distribute the light evenly over the plants, maximising efficiency and ensuring optimal growth.

Cannabis bulbs

Bulbs for cannabis cultivation provide the light needed for the growth and flowering phase of the plants. Common choices include high-pressure sodium (HPS) and LED bulbs, which provide efficient lighting suitable for the healthy development of plants in complete grow tents.


The ballast is the device that regulates the electrical current supplied to the bulbs. It provides the necessary power for the correct functioning of the lighting and helps to maximise energy efficiency.


The reflector directs the light emitted by the bulbs towards the plants, improving the distribution of illumination and avoiding the loss of light energy. There are different types of reflectors available, such as closed-wing or adjustable reflectors.

Cannabis grow tents kits – Extraction system

The extraction system is another important element in the grow tent kits. This system is made up of an air extractor, an air extractor, a carbon filter and a connection tube.

Extractor fan

The air extractor is responsible for the extraction of stale and warm air from the grow tent. It helps to maintain a proper temperature and humidity, preventing problems such as heat build-up and mould formation.

Air Intractor

The Air Intractor introduces fresh, carbon dioxide (CO2) rich air into the grow tent. It helps maintain proper air circulation and supports healthy plant growth.

Carbon filter

The carbon filter is essential for removing unwanted odours from complete grow tents kits. The extracted air passes through the filter, which contains activated carbon that absorbs and neutralises odours.

Connection tube

The connection tube allows the connection between the air extractor and the carbon filter, ensuring an efficient air flow and keeping the grow tent free of unwanted odours. In addition, it will be used to extract the warm air from the extractor fan to the outside of the room.

Thermohygrometers – Control the temperature and humidity of cannabis complete grow tent kits.

Thermo hygrometers are devices that measure both the temperature and humidity of the environment inside grow tent kits. They provide vital information for monitoring and adjusting environmental conditions to ensure an optimal environment for plant growth.

Plastic pots

Plastic pots are containers used to hold substrate and cannabis plants. They are lightweight, durable and allow for good drainage of irrigation water. They are also easy to clean and reuse for future crops.

Peat pellets

Peat pellets are compact discs made of pressed peat fibre. They are used as a seed germination medium, providing an environment conducive to rooting and initial seedling growth. There can be as many peat tablets as plants can be grown in the cannabis complete grow tents kits.

Cannabis complete grow tents kits – Cannabis seeds as a gift

Cannabis seeds are the start of every grow. There are a wide variety of strains available, each with their own characteristics and cannabinoid profiles. Seeds are the basis for growing healthy, productive plants, so when you buy complete cannabis grow tent kits we will give you as many seeds as can be grown in the complete grow tents.

The complete grow tents kits are perfect to have a controlled environment in the smallest space for growing cannabis, mother plants, cuttings, depending on the need that arises, we can find a suitable and very effective solution.

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