The seedbank Serious Seeds is one of the oldest seedbanks in the Netherlands. It is one of the most famous worldwide thanks to it’s professionalism, and quality of their seeds. They are constantly working to improve cannabis genetics.

In their catalogue you will find feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds and CBD seeds of the highest quality.

You can buy all Serious Seeds seeds in your trusted online grow shop.


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Sale of Serious Seeds at the best price

In our online grow shop you can buy Serious Seed seeds at the best price. In our catalogue you will find all the cannabis strains of this magnificent seed bank.

Serious Seeds cannabis seeds bank

Serious Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis seedbanks in the Netherlands (1994). Their aim and daily work is to produce cannabis seeds of the highest quality, with great stability and consistency.

Serious Seed has more than 20 years of experience in the cannabis sector and they have proven that their different strains produce very strong and potent plants, with THC levels between 18 and 22%.

Serious Seeds are creators of cannabis seeds and to create their strains, they cross plants with stable genetics to obtain vigorous F1 hybrids. With Serious Seeds seeds we guarantee a high germination rate and stable and uniform plants. Serious Seeds produce their seeds in small quantities, ensuring that they are always as fresh as possible, and they select the seeds by hand, to guarantee the highest quality.

Serious Seeds offers a guarantee to the final customer, in each package we find a number, with this identifier number, they can track and know everything about these seeds. In addition, this identifier ensures that they are 100% original Serious Seeds seeds. Keep the original package from Serious Seeds and if you have any problem with their seeds, with the identifier number you can make a complaint and they will send you a new package of seeds, totally free!

Serious Seeds catalogue

In Serious Seed marijuana seeds catalogue we find a total of 30 cannabis strains, 16 feminized seeds, 10 regular seeds, 2 Autoflowering seeds and 2 CBD seeds.

They only work with 20 strains, in order to maintain a high level of quality and work only with stable and uniform genetics. One of their goals is to keep improving their own genetics, many other seedbanks improve their strains and rename them, considering them as “new strains”. Creating new marijuana names is not their main objective, the idea is to improve their existing strains as much as possible, although they continue to find and bring new strains to the market.

Serious Seeds | feminized seeds

In our online grow shop you will find all Serious Seeds feminized marijuana seeds. Feminized seeds are those that 99.9% will produce female plants, female plants are those that produce buds.

Serious Seeds | Regular seeds

In the Serious Seeds seed catalogue you will also find a selection of top quality regular seeds. Regular seeds are those that produce both male and female plants. Male plants are those that are used to cross and pollinate the females to make seeds. Female plants are those that produce buds.

Serious seeds | autoflowering Seeds

Serious Seeds includes in its catalogue of seeds, 2 autoflowering varieties. The autoflowering varieties are those that do not depend on the light cycle to flower, they flower automatically. The automatic plants are very fast, they can be harvested in only 2 months of cultivation.

Serious Seeds | CBD Seeds

CBD cannabis seeds have become very popular for their therapeutic properties, and Serious Seeds has released 2 great strains with high cannabidiol (CBD) content.

Serious Seeds News strains 2022

• Seriosa: Variety of purple colour, with a very short flowering time and a high percentage of THC.
• Seriotica: Very resistant to fungus, with purple and red coloured buds, covered with crystals.
• Kalibubba: Very productive cannabis strain, with bubblegum flavour and aroma. Crossing Kali Mist and bubblegum.
• Strawberry AK: Very productive variety with buds full of resin with an intense strawberry aroma.
• Serious Kush: A variety with buds full of crystals, which produces a very potent effect.
Auto AK-47: Autoflowering version of the original AK-47, with high THC percentages and very easy to grow.

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In Themariashop you can buy cheap seeds of Serious Seeds. In addition, we are constantly running promotions on seeds, so you can buy your best genetics at the best price.

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