In this section you will find everything you need to make cuttings and their correct development.

You will find everything from rockwool trays in blocks, simple or heated greenhouses, scissors, scalpels, rooting hormones, etc. You can buy all the necessary material to make successful clones of your favourite plants in our online grow shop.


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Material for making cannabis cuttings: multiply your growing with success

Before learning about the material needed for making cannabis cuttings, we need to know what cannabis plant cuttings are.

What are cannabis cuttings?

Cuttings, also known as clones, are fragments of a mother plant that are grown to create new, genetically identical plants. This process allows the desirable characteristics of a parent plant to be reproduced in multiple specimens.

Role and use of material for cuttings

Cuttings are essential for propagating your favourite strains and maintaining consistency in your growing. They are used to take advantage of the exceptional genetic qualities of a mother plant.

Cuttings are taken from the healthiest branches and placed in a rooting medium, such as rockwool or peat cubes, to stimulate the development of new roots. Once rooted, these cuttings develop into independent plants with the same genetic characteristics as the mother plant.

The fundamental role of material for cuttings

Material for making cuttings plays a critical role in the successful multiplication of your garden. Scalpels or scissors allow precise cuts, while rooting hormones accelerate root formation and trays keep the cuttings organised. In addition, heatable propagators and blankets create a conducive environment and lights ensure a healthy start.

Key tools for success

  • Scalpels or scissors: These are essential for cutting cuttings cleanly and accurately. A clean cut is conducive to successful rooting.
  • Rooting hormones: These substances stimulate the growth of new roots in the cuttings, increasing the success rate of the process.
  • Cutting trays: Cutting trays are containers that hold the cuttings in an upright position, allowing easy access to light and rooting medium.
  • Propagators or greenhouses: These transparent mini greenhouses create a humid, controlled environment that encourages rooting and protects the cuttings.
  • Heated blankets: These blankets maintain the right temperature for rooting, speeding up the process and improving the health of the cuttings.
  • Lights to stimulate growth: Light is an essential factor in propagation, as it stimulates the initial growth of cuttings. Fluorescent or LED lights are ideal for this phase.

Boosting your growing with cuttings

The ability to propagate your favourite plants and maintain their exceptional genetics is a valuable asset in growing. With the right material for cuttings and a little practice, you will be well on your way to becoming an expert at creating a genetically powerful and uniform garden.

Multiplying your growing successfully

Proper use of material for cuttings is an effective way to multiply your growing without sacrificing genetic quality. By creating new plants from tried and trusted strains, you can ensure that each harvest is consistent and satisfying. Master this technique and expand your garden with healthy and strong marijuana cuttings.

In conclusion, material for cuttings is a powerful tool in the hands of an astute grower. Make the most of the genetic qualities of your mother plants and grow a bountiful and uniform crop.

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