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00 Seeds bank

00 Seeds is a bank of feminized cannabis seeds specialized in Indica genetics with more than thirty varieties and also the autoflowering range with about twenty varieties, over time it has managed to position itself in the cannabis market by offering a catalog with well-known varieties and that offers excellent results, with very competitive prices.

00 Seeds cannabis seeds

With the seeds 00 offers you excellent results both in indoor and outdoor cultivation and in any cultivation modality soil, coconut, hydroponics, others, we will obtain stable plants, buds full of resin and high levels of THC, and we can also enjoy the different and tasty flavors and aromas that this seed bank offers us and that you can choose to your liking.

00 feminized seed varieties

As we have mentioned before, we can enjoy classic varieties such as White Widow, Blueberry, Northern Light, one of the most famous Indicas in cannabis history due to its high content of THC and CBD and it is a fast-flowering variety both in outdoor cultivation and indoors, like the powerful Bubble Gum and with its unmistakable flavor of strawberry gum and a classic known all over the world for its strong smell, power, resistance and easy cultivation, 00 Skunk, sugary varieties such as Chocolate Cream and others, the Kush varieties with more and more followers of this genetics and that are ideal for making hashish extractions, powerful such as Gorilla with 25% THC, medicinal varieties with a high content in CBD such as Chocolate Skunk CBD and White Widow CBD and other varieties offered by 00 Seeds with fruity, citrus and cheese flavors.

Autoflowering Seeds from 00 Seeds

00 offers us a wide variety of autoflowering plants with good levels of THC ranging from 12% to 25%, with heights of approximately 70 cm minimum and 110 cm maximum and with a complete crop from germination to harvest. from 60 days minimum to 90 days the longest.

Autoflowering Strains from 00 It has created the autoflowering range starting from the selection of feminized seeds, it has created the classic Auto Northern Lights, Auto White Widow, Auto 00 Kush with its hash flavor, sweets like Auto Chocolate Skunk, the peculiar variety with cheese flavor Auto 00 Cheese and new creations in this automatic line such as Auto Afghan Mass XXL, Auto Northern Lights XXL.

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