ATA NRG Flavor of Atami, is a fertilizer to use in the last phase of flowering, with which you will stimulate an increase of flowers. It will also enhance the flavour and aroma of the flowers of your harvest.

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ATA NRG Flavor by Atami is a liquid fertilizer booster, which consists of beet molasses and a high amount of potassium (K).

Because ATA NRG Flavor stimulates the plant to flower, this leads to an increase in flower yields during the flowering stage. Therefore, ATA NRG Flavor will cause the plant to produce more buds.

In addition, the potassium that this product is rich in stimulates a better sap flow through the plant. As a result, this optimal flow will give strong branches and a strong stem.

Mixing this product with the usual nutritional fertiliser will also enhance both the flavour and aroma of the plant’s flowers by stimulating the yield of sugars in the flower.

All in all, ATA NRG Flavor will help both in flower yield and in flavour and aroma, thus increasing the quantity and quality of the harvest. Feeding your crop well will generate a magnificent harvest of great results.

Characteristics of ATA NRG Flavor:

Flowering stimulation. ATA NRG Flavor contains high amounts of potassium and together with beet molasses, will make the plants strong, productive. It will also enhance the taste and aroma of the buds by stimulating the sugar in them.

Use. It should be used in the last two weeks of flowering, together with the basic nutrients.

Weight and density increase. This product will increase the size and weight of the flowers produced by the plant, by stimulating the yield of sugars in the flowers.

Increased flower yield. By adding ATA NRG Flavor the plant will be predisposed to flower, increasing the formation of flowers. Therefore, the buds will increase, providing an explosion of flowers and maximizing the results.

Compatible with other fertilizers. ATA NRG Flavor can be mixed with other ATA NRG fertilizers, such as: Flower-C, Growth-C, Bloom-C and Alga-C.

Suitable for all substrates. ATA NRG Flavor can be used in all types of growing mediums, e.g. hydroponics, coco and soil.

Don’t use in an irrigation system. This product should not be used in an irrigation system other than a watering can. Otherwise there is a risk of clogging.

Easy to use. Water the plant with the determined dosage during the last two weeks of the flowering cycle.

Not suitable for irrigation systems. Don’t use ATA NRG Growth-C if you use an irrigation system in your crop.

Benefits of using ATA NRG Flavor:

ATA NRG Flavor is a stimulator for the last flowering stage of the plant. This fertiliser will help the plants in your crop to develop vigorously, boosting the yield of flowers and providing a sublime quality of flavour and aroma.

Dosage and method of use:

  • Shake before use.
  • Apply from the 4th week of flowering, i.e. the last two weeks of the flowering phase.
  • Add 0.25 – 1.5 ml of ATA NRG Flavor per litre of water.
  • Mix well to create a homogeneous solution.
  • K 7 W/W.

For more information see the complete cultivation table for ATA NRG products.


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