ATA XL of Atami is a stimulator two in one, as it stimulates from the growth stage and also in the flowering phase of the plant, giving it the strength and nutrients it needs.

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ATA XL is a basic nutrient for plants in their growth and flowering stages, which will help them to stimulate their good development, thanks to it’s plant compounds, humic acids and PK minerals. During the growth and flowering stage, the plant will optimally absorb all the nutrients it needs for each phase.

ATA XL is the only one on the market that stimulates both growth and flowering stages.

Thanks to the elements that make up ATA XL, it increases the size of the flowers, providing a good amount of flowers at harvest.

Characteristics of ATA XL:

Ideal for the growth and flowering phase. This product becomes a two for one, by stimulating both the growth and flowering of the plant. ATA XL is a unique product on the market that gives the plant stimulation in both phases.

Compatibility with different growing systems. ATA XL can be applied in soil, coco or hydroponic cultivation.

Contains humic acids. ATA XL contains humic acids that create a chelating effect that makes them more absorbable by the plant.

Improved nutrient uptake. This humic acid also causes the root hairs to increase and improve nutrient uptake.

It helps in the flowering phase, as the nutrients PK gives store and transport energy, and also increase the size of the flowers.

Easy to use. ATA XL is an easy to use product, applying the required dose in one litre of water.

Suitable with other fertilisers. ATA XL can be combined with other Atami fertilizers to complement the development of the plant, such as: Rootbastic, ATAzyme, ATA Terra Max, ATA PK 13/14, B’cuzz Silic Bost, ATA Calmag, ATA Coco Max, ATA AWA Max.

Benefits of using ATA XL:

ATA XL is a growth and flowering stimulator that encourages root hairs to form strong roots. With its humic acids, PK minerals and plant extracts it will help to grow a vigorous plant with large and abundant flowers.

Dosage and method of use:

  • Shake before use.
  • Use throughout the rooting stage and throughout the crop as a nutritional supplement.
  • Apply in the 3rd week of growth until the entire flowering stage.
  • Add 1 ml of ATA XL per litre of water.
  • Mix well to create a homogeneous solution.
  • PK 2-2 W/W.


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  • 5L
  • 10L.
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