House & Garden is a Dutch brand of fertiliser for cannabis and has a wide range of products, it is a very well-known brand for professionals and with a lot of prestige at an international level.

Here you will find a small selection of fertilizers to grow in soil in the simplest and most practical way, obtaining good results in yield and quality of the final product.


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House & Garden: Innovation and excellence in nutrients for cannabis cultivation

Committed to growers success

House & Garden is a renowned brand that specialises in the manufacture of high quality nutrients for cannabis cultivation. With its focus on innovation and excellence, it has become a trusted choice for growers looking to maximise the yield and quality of their crops.

A history of passion and expertise

House & Garden has a history rooted in a passion for growing cannabis and the pursuit of the best results. Their team of expert growers and scientists have worked hard to develop a range of highly efficient and balanced nutrients, backed by years of experience and expertise.

High quality products for exceptional results

House & Garden offers a wide selection of nutrients and additives designed for every stage of the cannabis plant’s life cycle. From growth to flowering, their products provide a precise combination of essential nutrients, macro and micro elements, vitamins and other beneficial compounds.

Innovation and advanced technology

House & Garden prides itself on its innovative approach and its use of advanced technology in the creation of its nutrients. Their continuous research allows them to constantly improve their formulas and adapt to the changing needs of growers. This translates into exceptional results and high quality harvests.

Professional support and advice

In addition to their quality products, House & Garden excels in providing excellent customer service and professional advice. Their team of experts is available to provide guidance and answer questions, ensuring that growers have the support they need to achieve success in their cannabis cultivation.

In short, is a leading brand in the cannabis nutrient market. With their focus on innovation, excellence and grower support, they offer a range of high quality products that maximise yields and crop quality. Whether in the growth or flowering phase, their nutrients are a reliable choice for growers looking for exceptional results.

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