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ATA PK 13-14 by Atami is a perfect product if you are looking to give your plants the final push and get a good, abundant and rock-hard harvest.

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ATA PK 13-14 by Atami is a bloom stimulator for optimal flower development and hardy flowers at the same time. This product can be applied daily from the first week of flowering of the plants, to provide basic nutrients. It should be taken into account that the substrate and roots should be cleaned in the last week before harvesting.

It provides an ideal amount of phosphorus, which helps the transport and storage of energy obtained by the plants from sunlight, so that all the energy is distributed throughout the plant. And potassium, a key element for the creation of flowers, sugars and enzymes that help the manufacture of starch, looking for the compacting of flowers.

ATA PK 13-14 is a powerful bloom stimulator designed to provide plants with the necessary nutrients during the critical stages of flower development. It’s outstanding characteristics make this product an essential tool to maximise yield and crop quality.

It can be used in all types of cultivation, whether in soil, coco substrate or hydroponics.

Characteristics of ATA PK 13-14:

High content of phosphorus and potassium. The formula of ATA PK 13-14 is characterised by it’s high content of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), essential nutrients during the flowering phase. Phosphorus stimulates flower and root development, while potassium promotes fruit formation and fruit quality.

Promotes flower and fruit development. ATA PK 13-14 is specifically designed to promote the formation of larger, denser and more resinous flowers, as well as to increase fruit size and quality. Stimulates metabolic processes that lead to abundant flowering.

Increases resin yield. The high phosphorus content contributes to increased resin yields, which can be beneficial for growers looking for plants with aromatic and quality properties.

Improves sugar concentration. ATA PK 13-14 helps to improve the concentration of sugars in the fruits, which can positively influence their taste, aroma and the overall quality of the harvest.

Compatibility with different cropping systems. It can be easily integrated into a variety of growing systems, including soil, coco and hydroponics, adapting to growers’ preferences and methods.

Ease of application. ATA PK 13-14 comes in an easy-to-apply format that mixes seamlessly with irrigation water. It’s simple application allows growers to incorporate this bloom stimulator efficiently into their nutrient programme.

Use in the flowering stage. It is recommended to apply ATA PK 13-14 during the flowering and fruiting stages to maximise it’s effectiveness and ensure an adequate nutritional supply at the critical time.

Proven results. The ATA brand is known for the quality and consistency of it’s products, and ATA PK 13-14 is no exception. Growers rely on this stimulator for proven results and abundant flowering.

Benefits of using ATA PK 13-14:

ATA PK 13-14 is a valuable tool for growers looking to maximise the yield and quality of their crops during the flowering phase. It’s specific and concentrated formulation of phosphorus and potassium provides plants with the nutritional boost needed to develop optimal blooms.

By using ATA PK 13-14 properly, growers can harness these benefits to significantly improve the yield, quality and overall performance of their crops during the flowering phase. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure proper application and avoid potential nutritional problems.

Dosage and method for use:

  • Shake before use.
  • Use daily from the first week of flowering.
  • Increase the dose progressively.
  • Add 0.25 – 1.5 ml of ATA PK 13-14 per litre of water.
  • Mix well to create a homogeneous solution.
  • PK 13-14 W/W.

For more information consult the complete cultivation table of ATA products.


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