Royal Queen Seeds is one of the most complete seed banks on the market, in its catalogue you will find many varieties of seeds ranging from feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, CBD seeds and even an express line for American genetics.

In this section you will find all the seeds from Royal Queen Seeds cannabis seeds catalogue that you can buy in our grow shop online.


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Sale of Royal Queen Seeds at the best price

In our online grow shop you can buy Royal Queen Seeds at the best price. We have a wide catalogue of cannabis seeds from this cannabis seed bank.

Royal Queen Seeds | Cannabis Seeds bank

Royal Queen Seeds is a Dutch cannabis seed bank. It is considered one of the best “>seed banks in the world, as they have some of the best cannabis seeds in Europe. In addition, their insatiable work to find the best genetics makes many growers opt for this brand.

Royal Queen Seeds are growers, and they know better than anyone the importance of high quality seeds, whether you grow indoors or outdoors, whether you grow feminized, regular, CBD or autoflowering, the most important thing for a good harvest is that the seeds are of high quality and they work and strive to have the best.

Royal Queen Seeds catalogue

In the Royal Queen Seeds catalogue you will find feminized, autoflowering, CBD and regular marijuana seeds. They also have a line of American seeds. Each and every one of their seeds has been organically grown and carefully selected. In addition, they regularly submit their seeds to germination tests to ensure a high germination percentage.

Royal Queen Seeds Feminized Seeds

At Themariashop we have the complete catalogue of Royal Queen feminized cannabis seeds. All these seeds have been carefully developed so that 99.9% of them are female plants. Female plants are those that produce flowers (buds).

Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering Seeds

Royal Seeds autoflowering seeds are also available on our website. Autoflowering seeds have been developed so that they do not depend on the light cycle, they flower automatically. Autoflowering cannabis plants flower very quickly, allowing us to have several harvests per season.

Royal Queen Seeds CBD Seeds

Queen Seeds also has a line of CBD seeds, marijuana seeds with high percentages of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD-rich marijuana plants are bred for their therapeutic properties and medicinal potential. They are low THC strains, they do not produce the same effect as normal strains.

American marijuana strains by Royal Queen Seeds (USA Premium Seeds)

Queen Seeds brings us from America a line of marijuana seeds called (USA Premium Seeds) where they present genetics from the West Coast of the USA, called “Cali Weed”. All these marijuana seeds have very high THC levels, are very productive strains and produce amazing terpenes.

Right now the USA is the leader in the breeding of marijuana genetics. Legalisation in this country has led to more intense development, resulting in some of the most potent strains in the world. Royal Seeds wanted to experiment with these American strains and this has led them to create a line of very potent, high-end American seeds. The USA premium seed strains have THC levels close to 30%, are very productive and sticky.

Regular seeds from Royal Seeds

Royal Seeds is a very complete seed bank and in its catalogue we can also find a line of regular seeds. Regular marijuana seeds are those that from a packet of seeds we can obtain male or female plants. Female plants are those that produce flowers and male plants are used to pollinate females and breed new seeds and genetics.

Top 10 best selling cannabis seeds by Royal

  1. Royal Cookies
  2. OG Kush
  3. Euphoria
  4. Royal Haze automatic
  5. Shining Silver Haze

Top 10 Royal Best Selling Cannabis Seeds

  1. Northern Light Automatic
  2. Green Gelato automatic
  3. Triple G
  4. Fat Banana
  5. White Widow
  6. Amnesia Haze
  7. Special Kush 1
  8. Royal Gorilla
  9. Medical Mass
  10. Royal Highness

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At Themariashop you can buy cheap Royal. In addition, we are constantly running promotions on marijuana seeds, so you can always buy your genetics at the best price.

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