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Diferentes tipos de reflector para el cultivo interior de marihuana



What is a light reflector? The reflector is a mainly aluminum screen that we can find it in different shapes and measures, it’s performance is to uniformly expand the light in the growing zone emitted by sodium lamps, metal halide and CFL’s that are attached to the reflector of aluminum by a ceramic lampholder and they can be directed towards the direction that we want.

What is a reflector for? The reflector is the object that is responsible for reflecting the light to take the advantage of the maximum lumens emitted by the lamps, avoiding shadows and darkness in our culture. Depending on the needs of the crop we can use different types of reflectors for their shape and size. The reflector will be the in charge of feeding with light the maximum number of plants in our indoor culture.



Stucco Reflector
Stucco Reflector

It is one of the most common reflectors in the beginner crops because of its economic price and because its performance is very correct. With this kind of reflector we will be able to dissipate and expand the light in all directions, making all plants receive the same amount of light. The stucco reflector is ideal when we are working with sodium lamps (HPS) or metal halide (MH), you can also use CFL bulbs but for those types of lamps we advise you to use the smooth reflector. Thanks to its hammering of stucco we will get 86% of total reflection of which 85% is diffuse. It has dimensions of 47cm x 47cm and includes an E40 lamp holder.

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Smooth Reflector
Smooth Reflector

This reflector is most used in the market, because of its quality, versatility and economy, we can use it perfectly as it will provide a great reflection of our light bulb achieving 87% of total reflection of which 18% is diffuse, with in this Reflector we can work with sodium lamps, metal halide and low consumption, as long as the thread diameter is E40. The dimensions of the plain reflector are 47cm x 47cm.

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The question of many beginner growers is:

Which reflector I have to use? The stucco or Smooth reflector?

Our advice is that for HPS, MH and mixed light bulbs use the stucco reflector and for low-energy bulbs (CFL) use the smooth reflector.


Reflector Cooltube

With the Cooltube reflector we can reduce the temperature in the spaces of cultivation of marijuana between 3 and 4 ºC. What makes it different from other reflectors is its tubular shape which is composed by aluminum and thermal glass (resistant to high temperatures), this peculiar shape will provide us a better extraction of the heat emitted by the bulbs of sodium and other kinds of lamps for the culture, connecting the Cooltube to the extractor that is used for the extraction of air from the indoor cultive. As it is connected directly to an air extractor the heat emitted by the discharge lamps is instantly aspirated avoiding to be dispersed by the cultivation area. In addition, this allows us to bring our lamp closer to the plants and thus to take advantage of more lumens..

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Coolwing reflector
CoolWings Reflector

this reflector is a mixt of the Cooltube and Stucco Reflector, the tubular shape will help us to control better the heat thanks to its method of extracting heat and a better reflection thanks to the stucco ceiling of Stucco reflector getting a high production in our crop because we will take advantage of the hollows of shadows for their great reflection.

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Reflector Adjust A Wings Enforcer
Adjust A Wings Enforcer

This kind of reflector makes us to have more light space compared to a normal reflector, obtaining a considerable amount even doubling the production in our indoor culture taking into account that it is designed to bend the efficiency of a normal reflector increasing up to 75% the reflection area of the light bulb. It reduces heat and electricity spending is lower. The Adjust-A-Wings is designed with an arc shape so as not to hinder the air cycle and in this way avoid the accumulation of heat. The difference of the Adjust-A-Wings enforcer with the Avenger is that the grain of the stucco is a little thicker and it’s the one that makes we avoid the heat points.

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Reflector Adjust A Wings Avenger medium
Adjust A Wings Avenger medium Reflector

In the reflectors Adjust-A-Wings range, the Avenger has the same shape and design as the Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer. The only difference we would find is the crystallized aluminum obtaining a greater reflection up to 97%.

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Adjust a wing double reflector
Adjust A wings Double Reflector 

The parabolic shaped reflector is adjustable for (1 or 2 bulbs) with a super advanced design. This reflector is composed by a granulated, flexible, indestructible and indeformable aluminum that includes a ceramic cap in addition to a super Spreader diffuser, that will help us to obtain the maximum diffusion of the light giving the same amount of light to the lateral plants that to the central ones.

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Monkey pro sun reflector 
Pro Sun Reflector

This is a basic reflector with an economic price and it’s a good quality one in its construction and resistance that makes the light expand all around the perimeter of cultivation so we can obtain a greater development of the plants and a greater production. This reflector is composed of two aluminum screens offset by transverse tensioners. With this reflector we will project the light of the bulb in an angle of up to 180 degrees. This is suitable for all types of light bulbs.

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