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¿Cómo combatir la araña roja en plantas de marihuana?

How to eliminate red spider from cannabis plants

How to eliminate red spider from cannabis plants

The Red Spider is another well-known pest in the world of cannabis. They are very small red spiders, difficult to see with the naked eye. We usually find them on the back of marijuana leaves. Red spider mite must be eliminate if we do not want to lose our crop.

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Red Spider

Red Spider pests in cannabis crops:

The Red Spider occurs both in indoor crops and in outdoor crops. This pest proliferates with high temperatures and dry environments, therefore, outdoors, July and August will be the months where this pest finds the most favorable conditions for its development. In indoor cultivation, the Red Spider is one of the most feared pests by the cannabis grower, it can destroy an entire crop. Read on to find out how to eliminate red spider mite.

Red spider evolution
Red spider evolution

Damage caused by the red spider mite in cnnabis crops

The red spider causes multiple bites to the leaves, which causes the plants to become very stressed. A stressed plant makes its growth much slower, a stressed cannabis plant during flowering means that the buds do not fatten in the same way, so we will lose production.

Spider mites weave a web around branches and buds, also leaving holes in the buds that can lead to fungal diseases like botrytis. Therefore, we must eliminate the red spider mite as soon as possible.


Products to prevent or eliminate red spider mite in cannabis plants

There are several products to combat this type of plague, in our online store you will find the following:

bio 6000 piretrin plus
Bio 6000 piretrin plus
Bio neem
Bio Neem (Prot-eco)

Mobet (prot-eco)
Mobet (Prot-eco)

With these products, we will be able to eliminate the pest, although before suffering from this pest, we recommend you use some of them as a preventive, avoiding its creation.

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