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The ballasts are one of the three elements of the light kit which is needed to the indoor marijuana cultive. This gadget, also called transformer, has like a principal work to regulate the light bulb sally powerful and to keep the intensity.

Each ballast belongs to a power and it must be consistent with the power of the light bulb that we will use. Therefore, with a 400w ballast we will need a 400w bulb for its correct work.
There are different types and qualities of ballasts: the ones which are called magnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts.

Balastro magnético ETIBalastro magnetico sunmasterbalastro electronico regulable
Magnetic Ballast E.T.IMagnetic Ballast VDLDigital Ballast Lumatek


These ballasts are the cheapest only have a power output quite warm and it is advisable to put them out of growing space , because when heated they give off heat and this heat will increase the temperature in the space of cannabis cultivation.

Magnetic transformers are suitable for all kind of crops indoors. There are magnetic ballasts 150w, 250w, 400w, 600w, 1000w. It is made it by iron which makes it very resistant, it is the classic among the transformers and the most used by growers.

Normally magnetic ballasts can be used with metal halide bulbs and high pressure sodium bulbs. Within this kind of chokes, we will find a higher range where these are covered by a plastic housing that gives them fire safety if by bad luck we have a short circuit. Also this type of magnetic ballasts unlike the above come with wiring mounted and included.

We can put them into the growing space although we advise you that if it’s possible keep them out of it.


Transformers have always gone developing like everything in this world. Thanks of that, we count with electronic ballasts. This ballasts are completely different from the magnetic ones, they are just similar in their aim (the crops).

Electronic ballasts are very light, do not emit little heat (we can leave them inside the growing area ) , the noise they produce is minimal, the most of them come with power regulator, the life of the bulbs using this type of reactors is much longer. They can be used with bulbs and metal halide bulbs , high pressure sodium include safety circuits.

Another advantage to magnetic ballasts is that light bulb blinking when it goes on with this type of transformers it disappears.

Also very important and comfortable it is to bring a regulator , that allows us to adjust the power lamp brightness according to the need of the growth phase in which we found , which will involve us at the same time a reduction in electricity consumption.

There are different brands that manufacture electronic transformers, one of them is LUMATEK. With electronic ballast 600w adjustable LUMATEK, we can change by potentiometer the 250w, 400w, 600w, and 660w power according we need it using the same lamp.
All these advantages will make plants grow better and we will see it at the end of culture with a more abundant harvest.

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