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Cómo combatir las orugas en plantas de marihuana | Themariashop

How to combat caterpillars on marijuana plants

How to combat caterpillars on marijuana plants

The Caterpillar is the larva of lepidoptera insects (better known as butterflies) there are more than ten thousand different species of butterflies and caterpillars. The caterpillars are often very brightly colored and are typically soft and cylindrical. They feed on all kinds of plants, vegetables, etc. Which makes them a real enemy for growers of marijuana plants.


Caterpillar pests in cannabis crops:

This type of pest almost always occurs in outdoor crops, they usually appear in late summer or early autumn.
The pests usually start when the butterflies lay their eggs on the leaves, especially in the upper parts of the
plant or bud, when the eggs open, the first larvae will appear and signs of the pest will begin to appear (holes in the leaves, abnormally wrinkled leaves, droppings on leaves, etc.)

agujeros causados por orugas

Caterpillar holes

metamorfosis de la oruga
Caterpillar metamorphosis

How to prevent and eliminate caterpillars on marijuana plants:

There are several insecticides to eliminate the caterpillars of marijuana plants, in our online store you will find the following products:

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Bio neem

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Fertiberia caterpillar insecticide

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