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OCB: La historia del papel de fumar

OCB: The History of rolling papers

OCB: The History of rolling papers

From the Themariashop team we want to remember the History of OCB paper, from its beginnings to the present.

“OCB” The three acronyms of its logo mean History:

O for Odet

A place near the banks of the river of Ergué – Gabéric (Finistère) where the first paper mill was created in 1822, it was created near the river for the amount of water needed to make paper.

C for Cascadec

Place where in 1893 they rented a factory to establish another of their paper producers. After 24 years in 1917, they bought the factory.

B for Bollore

Bolloré is the surname of the founders and leaders of this brand, for six generations they marked the history of paper manufacturing, especially that of cigarette paper and that of OCB.

OCB logo

OCB History

Odet’s factory

It was the year 1822 in which it all began, the Bolloré brothers inaugurated the first paper mill where they manufactured all kinds of paper. One of its founders was a doctor in medicine and chief surgeon of the navy, for this reason he traveled a lot, especially to Brazil and the seas of China and some languages say that from there he brought the secrets of the manufacture of fine paper, which served them well. to make the first cigarette paper.

The O of OCB comes from Odet, a place near the banks of the river of Ergué – Gabéric (Finistère) where the first paper mill was created in 1822, it was created near the river due to the amount of water needed when manufacturing paper.

odet factory
odet factory

Opening of the factory in Cascadec

In 1893, the second paper mill was inaugurated in Cascadec, they rented a large factory to continue their work in the manufacture of cigarette paper.

The 1917 It was a great year for the brand, they bought the Cascadec factory after 24 years of lease. Cigarette fashion was introduced in France and the first booklets of cigarette papers with the “Le coq francais” brand came onto the market. letter paper, cotton paper, muslin paper, etc. They became secondary and focused all their efforts on cigarette rolling paper.

cascadec factory

Year 1918

Every effort has its rewards. This year was the birth of the OCB brand. They worked for years to make the finest cigarette paper on the market.

Year 1930

The brand founded by the Bolloré brothers, manufactured that year more than 2000 tons of paper reels, 86 million OCB paper booklets, 90% of that production was exported to the US.

ocb paper manufacturing

Year 1939

With the arrival of the war the factories are stopped, only one of them worked at 20% of production. Which made it impossible to continue exporting to the US. Luckily, a year before, with the help of French engineers, they created a huge factory in North Carolina, capable of covering all the needs of the Americans.

Year 1951 and 1960

Once the war was over, several years later its factories returned to full operation, so much so that the facilities increased. The factory, with more than 350 employees, manufactured bible paper, tea bags and electrical tape.

ocb paper

Year 1981

One of the brothers, Vincent Bolloré took the reins of the family business and created the company Bolloré Technologies.
He turned it into a prestigious internationally recognized Group and gave cigarette paper and OCB the industrial machinery and means of work necessary to guarantee the future of the same brand.

Year 1986

The Bolloré Technologies company moves its rolling paper factory to another of its factories in France (Perpignan).

Year 1999

“Launch of the OCB Premium”

Launch of the OCB Premium, it could be said that the OCB brand gained all its prestige thanks to this launch. It was the first extra-thin, almost transparent cigarette paper.

OCB premium

Year 2000

Don Levin, a client of Bolloré Technologies since 1960 and owner of Repubic Tobacco, buys the OCB brand and the Perpignan factory from the Bolloré brothers.

Don Levin provided the great company with all the means and resources to continue growing.

Year 2004

“Launch of the OCB X-PERT”

Smokers began to cut a piece of paper to consume less paper, so the brand decided to make a narrower than normal rolling paper, reducing the size of the sheet by 5 mm.

ocb Xpert

Year 2009

“Launch of the OCB Organic Hemp”

OCB decides to manufacture a 100% organic paper and for this they decide to work with hemp to manufacture the OCB organic hemp.

OCB organic

Year 2013

“Launch of OCB Virgin Paper”

With the OCB Virgin comes the fashion for brown paper, a paper without colouring, chlorine or any other type of product, a more natural paper.

Ocb virgin

Year 2015

“OCB Ultimate Launch”

The finest rolling paper in the world has arrived! A special paper for those who are looking for the finest, with an ultralight grammage. It is so fine that it is a bit delicate.

OCB Ultimate

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