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Sustratos Biobizz 100% Orgánicos

Biobizz Substrates

Biobizz Substrates

Biobizz offers you several types of substrates fully prepared for growing cannabis plants. All Biobizz substrates and soil improvers are 100% organic.

But, how do we know which substrate is best to use?

Then we explain in detail all the characteristics of these types of substrate.

Biobizz Light Mix Substrate

“A basic substrate for your plants”

Light Mix is a light base substrate, the light mix soil is the most suitable for a vigorous growth in young plants and cuttings, you can use it from germination.

This soil contains a little organic fertiliser together with a mixture of peat and perlite, which provides optimal drainage and basic nutrition for the first days of life.

After several days and watering, it’s advisable to add liquid fertiliser, for the growth phase we could use root juice to stimulate the roots, and bio grow to stimulate growth.


Biobizz Light Mix

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Composition of Biobizz Light Mix:

Light mix is ideal for all types of potted plants, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Black peat
  • Blonde peat
  • Perlite
  • EC: 1.2
  • pH: 6.2

20 and 50 liter packaging.

Biobizz All Mix Substrate

“A complete substrate for your plants”

All Mix is a 100% organic substrate that contains all the nutrients necessary for optimal plant development. It’s not advisable to grow with All Mix from germination, we can transplant our plants to the All Mix substrate when they have 3 to 4 pairs of leaves. For the first days of life it’s more advisable to use light mix.

All Mix soil is ideal for growing all types of plants in pots or soil, ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. If you grow indoors with all mix, forget about adding growth fertilizer, this substrate has everything you need to develop your growing plants. If you grow outdoors, then you should use growth fertiliser, but not during the first few weeks, as it’s a hyper-fertilised substrate.


Biobizz All Mix

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Composition of Biobizz All Mix:

  • Peat moss
  • Sphagnum peat
  • Perlite
  • Pre·Mix
  • EC: 2.2
  • pH: 6.2

20 and 50 liters packaging.

Biobizz Coco Mix Substrate

“A 100% coconut fibre substrate”.

Coco Mix is a 100% organic substrate made from coconut fibre. Actually, the magnificent results of growing cannabis in coco substrate are well known, but as we all know, there are several things to keep in mind.

When we grow in coco fibre, we must know that in this type of substrate there is no beneficial bacterial life for the roots, nor any kind of nutrients, for that reason it’s very important to add fertilizer in every watering. In addition to adding fertiliser at each watering, it’s very important to regulate the pH of the water to obtain good results.

By growing in coco we get an incredible oxygenation of the roots, which makes them grow faster. If we regulate the pH and add fertiliser at each watering, we will achieve incredible results. For this it’s best to set up an automatic irrigation system, together with a water tank with specific nutrients for coco.


Biobizz Coco Mix

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Composition of Coco Mix by Biobizz:

  • Coconut fibre
  • Coconut peat
  • EC: 0.1
  • pH: 6.2

50 liters packaging.

Reuse your substrate with substrate improvers

Biobizz offers you Pre-Mix and Worm Humus, thanks to these magnificent products we will be able to reuse our substrate at least once more, with them you will give back to the substrate the nutrients and the life they need.

Worm Humus Biobizz

Humus de lombriz biobizz

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100% organic worm humus, ideal for giving or restoring life to the substrate.

It’s perfect for recycling light mix or all mix, for this, mix 10-15% Worm-Humus and 85-90% substrate.

Pre·Mix Biobizz

premix biobizz

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Pre-Mix is a 100% organic dry fertiliser that provides your plants with optimal growth and flowering. In addition, it strengthens them against diseases and fungal problems.

You can add it in transplants or as a starter, you can also add it together with worm humus to improve substrates.

All these substrates and soil improvers are ideal for use in combination with the biobizz range of fertilisers and additives.

If you aren’t convinced by any of the biobizz substrates, you can consult all available substrates.

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