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Discover the biobizz packs

The fertiliser brand Biobizz wanted to make the work easier for growers, so they have designed the fertiliser packs.

Discover the biobizz packs

Find the pack that more suits to your needs!

Different packs for different types of growers, not all growers will need the same amount of fertilizer, so we show you the different packs and you can choose your own.

Biobizz Starter Pack

“The most complete pack”.

The Starter pack of Biobizz is a full kit of fertilizers and additives, with this pack you can grow from germination to the end of flowering of your plants. Indoors you can feed surfaces of more than 1m2 and outdoors 3 or 4 plants (depending on the size).

Starter pack biobizz

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What does the Biobizz Starter Pack include?

Includes :

  • Root Juice 250ml (root stimulator).
  • Bio Grow 1L (growth fertiliser).
  • Bio Bloom 1L (flowering fertilizer).
  • Top Max 500ml (flowering stimulator).
  • Bio Heaven 250ml (energy booster).

Try Pack Biobizz Indoor

“Basic pack for indoor cultivation”.

This fertilizer kit includes 3 basic products for growing plants indoors. With this fertilizer pack we will be able to cover the needs of plants from growth to flowering in a grow tent of maximum 1m2.

Try pack indoor biobizz

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What does the biobizz Try Packs Indoor include?

Includes :

  • Bio grow 250ml (growth fertiliser).
  • Bio Bloom 250ml (flowering fertiliser).
  • Top Max 250ml (flowering stimulator).

Try Pack Biobizz Outdoor

“Basic packs for outdoor cultivation”.

With this fertilizer kit for outdoor growing you will be able to grow 2 to 3 plants from start to finish. It will depend on the size of the plants, if they are autoflowering we could feed up to 6 normal sized autos. Includes 3 bottles of 250ml (one for growth, one for flowering and one to stimulate flowering).

Try pack outdoor biobizz

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What does the biobizz Try Pack Indoor include?

Includes :

  • Fish Mix 250ml (growth fertiliser).
  • Bio Bloom 250ml (flowering fertiliser).
  • Top Max 250ml (flowering stimulator).

Try Pack Biobizz Hydro

“Pack for hydroponic cultivation”.

With the try pack Hydro by biobizz you can feed your hydroponic crops. This kit is 100% biological so we must check that it doesn’t obstruct the irrigation pipes. With this kit you can grow crops of up to 1m2.

Try pack hydro bobizz

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What does the biobizz Try Pack hydro include?

Includes :

  • Bio Bloom 250ml (flowering fertiliser).
  • Top Max 250ml (flowering stimulator).
  • Bio heaven 250ml (energy booster).

Try Pack Biobizz Stimulant

“Stimulate your plants with biological additives”.

With the Biobizz Try Pack stimulant you will stimulate your plants for more abundant results. This biological stimulator kit includes a powerful root stimulator, a flowering stimulator that will make your buds get an incredible size, and a booster to make your plants stress-free.

Try pack stimulant biobizz

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What does the biobizz Try Pack Stimulant include?

Includes :

  • Root Juice 250ml (root stimulator).
  • Top Max 250ml (flowering stimulator).
  • Alg·a·Mic 250ml (plant revitaliser).

In our online shop you can also buy these fertilisers separately. All biobizz products are a perfect match for each other.

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