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What do you need to know about an indoor growing tent?

What should you know before buying an indoor growing tent?

Are you thinking of buying an indoor growing cabinet, but you lack knowledge or you have doubts about which one to choose? In our online grow shop we explain everything you need to know to choose the growing wardrobe that best suits you and your space. Let’s take a look.

What are indoor growing tents?

An indoor growing tent is a structure that has been manufactured to mimic the ideal climatic conditions for growing plants in an enclosed, indoor space.

Indoor growing tents for cannabis are made of a removable metal structure, which is covered with a black fabric on the outside. Meanwhile, the inside is made of reflective fabric, so that the light can be reflected and reach all the plants.

The fabric of the tent has holes for the correct air inlet and outlet, ventilation grilles and there are even models that have side windows, so that all the plants can be reached. Access to the inside of the tent is through a door closed with a solid zip.

Each tent comes with an instruction sheet to facilitate its assembly, although we can tell you that it is simple. In any case, we explain how to assemble a growing tent.

Sizes of the indoor growing tent

Fortunately, we can find different types of indoor growing tents. Small growing tents are available, such as 60x60x160 or 80x80x160. We can also find growing tents of 100x100x200, 120x120x200, 145x145x200 and even large indoor growing tents 240x120x200.

Dark Box 60 grow tent
Dark Box 60 grow tent
Pro Basic Classic 80 grow tent
Pro Basic Classic 80 grow tent
Mammoth Pro 90 grow tent
Mammoth Pro 90 grow tent
Hydro Shoot HS100 grow tent
Hydro Shoot HS100 grow tent
Mammoth Classic 120 grow tent
Mammoth Classic 120 grow tent
Dark Box Tower 145 grow tent
Dark Box Tower 145 grow tent
Hydro Shoot HS150 grow tent
Hydro Shoot HS150 grow tent
Pure Tent 2.0 240x120
Pure Tent 2.0 240x120
Dark Room DR 237x237 grow tent
Dark Room DR 237x237 grow tent
ProBox Master 240x240 grow tent
ProBox Master 240x240 grow tent

The number of each tent refers to the size which is available. The smaller the size of the tent, the cheaper it will be.

At Themariashop we offer you the possibility to buy indoor growing tents of different brands.

  • Growing tent Dark Box
  • Dark Street growing tent
  • Growing tent Dark Room
  • Growing tent Garden High Pro
  • Hortigarden growing tent 
  • Growing tent Hydro Shoot
  • Mammoth growing tent
  • Pure Tent growing tent
  • Secret Jardin growing tent

Indoor grow tents are an ideal choice for growers who only want the structure for growing and to create the ideal conditions. If you have the necessary equipment and only need the tent, don’t hesitate to buy the growing tent that suits you best.

If you do not have the material, we recommend buying an indoor growing tent kit, since in addition to the indoor growing tent, you will have all the necessary material for growing. If we buy the material separately, the costs may be higher, and we may choose material that is not compatible.

Indoor growing tent kit for cannabis growing indoors

The indoor growing tent kits are ideal for growing your own cannabis plants in an enclosed space. Each kit contains the necessary material for our indoor cannabis growing, adapted to each surface. So, you will get an indoor tent ready to install and start with your growing.

Cheap indoor growing tent kit – the basics

We come across growers who, over the years, have either got or saved material, or because of their situation do not need a complete kit. For this, we offer basic indoor growing kits.

The basic kits are cheap indoor growing kits, as they include the basic material to get started in the growing of cannabis. The material provided in these kits is an indoor growing tent, lighting and extraction system and pots.

Basic growing tent kit of 60
Basic growing tent kit of 60
Basic growing tent kit of 80
Basic growing tent kit of 80
Basic growing tent kit of 100
Basic growing tent kit of 100
Basic growing tent kit of 120
Basic growing tent kit of 120

This type of kit is usually purchased by growers who have a secure space, and have no tenants nearby who can smell odours. Because it does not have a carbon filter.

With the basic growing kit we can grow cannabis without any problems, choosing the indoor growing tent that best suits our needs, small indoor growing tent or large indoor growing tent.

Indoor growing tent complete kit

Each indoor growing kit is equipped with its corresponding lighting system, extraction system, carbon filters, thermo-hygrometer, pots, peat tablets, wiring, among other things.

In each complete indoor growing tent kit we add seeds as a gift, i.e. for the purchase of a complete growing tent 120, we give 10 seeds as a gift. This is the amount of seeds that can be grown in this size of tent.

In Themariashop you can buy a complete indoor growing kit in different sizes, according to your growing needs.

Complete growing tent kit 60
Complete growing tent kit 60
Complete growing tent kit 80
Complete growing tent kit 80
Complete growing tent kit 100
Complete growing tent kit 100
Complete growing tent kit 120
Complete growing tent kit 120
Complete growing tent kit 150
Complete growing tent kit 150
Complete growing tent kit 240
Complete growing tent kit 240

Unlike the basic grow kit, the complete indoor grow kit comes with a carbon filter, pots of different sizes, water collection plates, wiring, peat tablets and easy rollers.

If you are planning on getting into the world of cannabis self-cultivation, we recommend purchasing a complete kit. It will be much easier for you to learn the use and function of the material, and you will suffer less inconvenience when installing your crop and growing your plants. Thanks to the fact that you will have at all times the optimal material for the correct development of the crop.

Mixed lighting for your indoor grow tent

So far all grow kits, whether basic or complete, have a mixed lighting system where the bulb is Grolux. Sodium has been used for many years in cannabis cultivation for the flowering phase. For the growing phase, Metal Halide bulbs are used, so mixed bulbs combine both.

Grolux mixed bulbs produce an orange spectrum with bluish spectra, which help the cannabis plants to develop in the growing and flowering phase. With this type of bulb you don’t have to change bulbs depending on the phase you are in. This makes growing easier.

To learn more about the types of lighting in indoor growing, we recommend you to visit our blog.

Low consumption indoor grow tent kit

As we mentioned before, all the cultivation kits include mixed Grolux bulbs, composed of Metal Halide and Sodium. However, we also offer you the option of making energy-saving grow tents.

Energy saving bulbs, also called CFL bulbs, are bulbs intended for indoor growing in a small indoor grow tent. The CFL bulbs incorporate the ballast, so it is not necessary to plug it into a transformer, just place it in the reflector and plug it into the mains.

If you are planning to grow in small spaces and with a somewhat high temperature, we offer you this simpler option. If you have any doubts, visit how to grow with grow lights.

LED grow tent

As the years go by, technology advances, and with it, the way we grow cannabis. If we have just talked about low consumption, we come to talk about the king of low consumption, LED indoor growing.

At themariashop, as well as being able to buy LED lighting systems, you can also buy LED indoor grow tent kits.

Indoor grow tent Complete LED grow tent Kit

The LED indoor grow tents we offer include all the necessary material to grow cannabis plants. We have adapted the growing material to the heat power emitted by LED systems.

You will find all the grow tent sizes we offer, but adapted to the equivalent LED lighting system. The LED indoor grow tent 60x60x160 is the cheapest LED indoor grow tent you can buy.

You also have the possibility to buy a complete LED indoor grow tent kit in different sizes to suit your growing space, such as the LED grow tent 80x80x160, LED indoor grow tent 100x100x200, LED indoor grow tent 120x120x200, LED grow tent 145x145x200 or even large LED grow tents, such as 240x120x200.

Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 60
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 60
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 80
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 80
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 100
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 100
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 120
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 120
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 150
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 150
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 240
Complete indoor grow tent kit LED 240

LEC indoor growing kits

We are currently working to offer you all indoor growing kits, including LEC growing. At the moment, we do not have a complete LEC kit available. If you want a LEC indoor grow tent kit, please contact us and we will give you an estimate.

To learn more about LEC systems, you can visit our blog “What are LEC systems”.

What does a complete indoor growing kit contain?

Our indoor cannabis growing kits contain all the necessary material to grow your crop.

Growing greenhouses for cannabis

First of all, we must choose the size of grow tent that best suits us. Each kit includes the specific material for each size of greenhouse, as the surfaces vary. The lighting system varies, as does the air extraction system and the number of plants that can be grown.

Lighting system in indoor grow tents

Depending on the size we have chosen, the lighting system varies. Greenhouses for growing 60x60x160 and 80x80x160, offer a lighting system of 250W, being a smaller surface, we do not need excessive heat.

In an indoor grow tent for cannabis of 100x100x200 we will use a 400W lighting system. Meanwhile, all grow tents larger than one square metre, such as 120x120x200 and 145x145x200, are a complete 600W indoor grow tent. In the case of the 240x120x200 grow tent we use two 600W lighting systems.

Light transformers

To emit light, we need to transform it, so the lighting system has a transformer equivalent to the bulbs included in each grow tent. In other words, if our grow tent has a 600W bulb, we will need a 600W transformer. If it incorporates a 400W bulb, the transformer will be 400W.

If you want to know more about the function and the different models of ballasts, visit our blog.

Maximum reflection

Once we have the bulb illuminated, we must reflect the light, which is why the lighting system has a stucco aluminium reflector. With the reflector we will get a greater reflection of light that will allow our plants to receive more light, and improve their development. Depending on the model of the ceiling the light will have less or more reflection.

The easy rollers are pulleys that allow us to raise and lower the reflector, so that we can move the light closer or further away from the plant’s canopy. In our blog you will find how to adjust the height of the lamp.

Power cables are included in the complete grow tent.

Air extraction systems for indoor growing

The complete indoor growing kit also includes the entire air extraction system. An air extractor, to extract the hot air from inside the indoor grow tent. An air intractor dedicated to introduce fresh air to our culture and to be able to renew the air at all times. Each extractor has a power cable.

In addition, it includes the flexible aluconnect tube, to be able to direct the hot air that comes out to the outside.

Depending on the surface area of the grow tent, we will need to extract more or less air flow (m3/h), for this reason, the extractor and the extractor will be one or the other depending on the size of the grow tent.

To know which one is the best air extractor and intractor, we need to calculate the power of the extractor we need, visit our entry to know which one adapts to your crop.

Fresh air intake

The air inlet fans that are generally used in grow tents are usually the 100 air inlet fan, the 125 inline fan and the 150 diameter fan. It is in charge of introducing fresh air and it is placed at the bottom of the grow tent.

Hot air outlet

The air extractors, as well as intractors, are classified by their diameter and flow rate. The most commonly used are TT100 extractor fan, TT125 air extractor fan, TT150 air extractor fan. Although depending on the size of the grow tent, they may vary.

If you decide to buy a complete indoor growing kit, it also includes a carbon filter, which will be in charge of absorbing and masking the odours that are emitted to the outside.

Odour elimination

The carbon filter is added to the extractor fan, so the air that is sucked in by the extractor fan will be filtered by the carbon filter. For this reason, the charcoal filter must have the same diameter as the extractor fan. In other words, if we have a TT125 extractor fan, the carbon filter must have a diameter of 125.

Find out which are the best anti-odour systems for indoor cannabis growing.

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Thermohygrometers – Temperature and humidity

The thermohygrometer is a device that indicates the temperature and humidity inside the indoor grow tent.

For it to work properly, it should be placed right next to the highest part of the plant. Once the thermo-hygrometer is in place, we will know the parameters we have in our growing area, allowing us to know if we should raise or lower the reflector.

Take a look at the ideal cultivation parameters to learn more and to cultivate correctly.

Plastic pots

In order to grow cannabis we need a growing medium. For ease of use, we recommend growing in pots to get started in the world of self-cultivation.

Depending on the grow tent we buy, we will use more or less pots. At Themariashop we recommend growing cannabis plants in 11L pots. For this reason, in the complete indoor grow tent kit, we offer 11L pots for their correct development. In addition, we offer the same amount of 1L pots for the first weeks of life.

If you want to know if you can grow with other pot sizes, visit the blog “Pot sizes” to know the advantages and disadvantages of each size.

Along with the 11L pots, water collecting dishes are included in order to recover the water that is not absorbed by our plants. With this, we will maintain a better cleaning of our grow tent, avoiding inconveniences.

Peat tablets – Jiffys

The peat tablets or Jiffys are pressed and dehydrated soil, used to germinate and grow the first days of life of the seedling. They are composed of neutral soil which does not contain any fertiliser or additive, facilitating the correct development of the plant.

Add water, the tablet will hydrate and inflate, taking the shape of a sack. Once the pellet is hydrated, place the seed in the hole and cover it lightly.

The peat pellet should be moist at all times.

Free seeds

If you decide to buy an indoor grow tent kit, we will give you the same amount of seeds that you can grow in the grow tent. If you decide to buy a grow tent of 100x100x200, in which you can grow up to 7 plants, we will give you 7 cannabis seeds for free.

Second hand indoor grow tents for sale

Occasionally, some customers ask us if we sell second-hand indoor grow tents or equipment. At the moment, we do not offer this service, since all the material we sell is new and before being sent, it is tested by our workers.

How to choose my indoor grow tent?

This is one of the main doubts we have when we think about starting to grow our own cannabis. But in order to do so we must take into account other characteristics.

How much space do we have available?

First of all, we must know how much space we have available to grow. Depending on the space where we plan to place the indoor grow tent, we can choose one size or another.

Once we know how much space we want to use to grow our crops, we should look for the indoor grow tent that best suits our needs.

As mentioned above, we have indoor grow tents ranging from 60×60, 80×80, 100×100, 120×120, 145×145 and 240×120, but it is not just a question of size.

How many cannabis plants can be grown in an indoor grow tent?

Depending on the size of your indoor grow tent you can grow more or less cannabis plants.

Many customers know what their consumption is, so they are looking to supplement their consumption with self-cultivation. As a standard measure, it is usually possible to produce around 40 grams per plant, although these are not fixed calculations, as the use of fertilisers, the variety of cannabis and even the care we give it can vary the results.

Therefore, once we know how many plants we want to grow and the growing space we have available, we can choose the indoor grow tent we want.

At themariashop we recommend growing cannabis seeds indoors in 11L pots.

  • Grow tent 60 – up to 3 plants.
  • Grow tent 80 – up to 4 plants.
  • Grow tent 90 – up to 6 plants.
  • Grow tent 100 – up to 7 plants.
  • Grow tent 120 – up to 10 plants.
  • Grow tent 145 – up to 15 plants.
  • Grow tent 240×120 – up to 20 plants.
  • Grow tent 240×240 – up to 40 plants.

This way we know how many plants we can grow and in which growing space.

We would like to point out that the lighting and air extraction system varies according to some sizes, so the electrical consumption can also vary.

Do you have any doubts about buying an indoor grow tent?

Buying a complete indoor cannabis grow tent kit is an investment, and for this reason we believe it is necessary for the customer to know what he is buying and what its function is. We hope we have given you all the information you need to choose the grow tent that best suits you and your growing space.

If you still have any doubts about how to choose your indoor grow tent, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and help you to be the best grower you can be.

Setting up a grow room

In case you have discovered that you can grow a larger number of plants, and an indoor grow tent is too small for you, we recommend you to read “Setting up a grow tent”.

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