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Advanced Nutrients Table - Complete Guide

Feeding Schedule Advanced Nutrients (Complete Guide)

Feeding Schedule Advanced Nutrients 2022/2023 (Complete Guide)

In this post we explain how the Advanced Nutrients feeding schedule, complete guide for 2022/2023: cultivation and dosage. We will break down the chart by grower levels, the grower levels are as follows:

Depending on your level as a grower, you will use more or less products.

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Information on the cultivation tables:

  • Our tables are made for indoor crops of 4 weeks of growth and 8 weeks of flowering.
  • They are standard cultivation tables, not all plants have the same needs.
  • They can also be interpreted for outdoor cultivation, just add the necessary weeks of growth and flowering.
  • The tables are valid for hydroponic, soil and coco growing.

Advanced Nutrients hobbyist grower feeding schedule

If you are new to the brand, I advise you to start at this level. Advanced Nutrients guarantees 11.37% more production than any other fertilizer range in the industry.

For the amateur grow table, we will use a total of 8 products:

Hobbyist grower level Feed Chart:

advanced nutrients hobbyist grower lever

Advanced Nutrients Expert Grower Feeding schedule

If you feel ready to add more products and get more out of your crops, you can upgrade to the Advanced Nutrients expert grower level.

In order to get more production out of your crop, we will add the following products to the expert level table:

Advanced Nutrients Expert Grower feeding chart

Advanced nutrients guarantees a yield increase of 19.73% compared to other fertiliser brands.

Expert grower level chart:

feeding schedule expert grower

Advanced Nutrients Professional grower Feed Chart

To work with the Advanced Nutrients professional grow table we recommend you to have started with one of the previous tables or to have experience in growing cannabis plants.

With this table you will get incredible results, Advanced Nutrients guarantees an increase in production of 28.96% compared to other fertilizers.

To advance from expert level to professional level we will add 3 more products to our mix:

Professional grower feeding schedule:

Advanced Nutrients Professional feed chart

Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower Table

If you have reached this level, congratulations! Let me tell you that Advanced Nutrients guarantees a 37,89% yield increase compared to other fertilizers.

In order to get the highest yield with Advanced Nutrients we will go from professional grower to grand master grower, for this we will add 3 more products to the mix.

Grand Master Growing Table:

Advanced Nutrients Grand Master feeding schedule

Advanced Nutrients autoflowering Feeding schedule

From Calle25 and Themariashop we have made a cultivation table for autoflowering marijuana plants. As we have said before, these tables are indicative, not all plants are the same and do not have the same growing time.

Autoflowering table:

The table for autoflowering plants has been made with Connoisseur Grow and Bloom, but you can change it for Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom or for Grow, Micro, Bloom.

Tabla Advanced Nutrients autoflorecientes

From Themariashop we hope that these cultivation tables have been useful for you and have solved your doubts. We remind you that you can contact us by email or social networks for any questions or doubts.

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Advanced Nutrients will make your search easier with their nutrient calculator, so you will always know what nutrients you need.

You will also find the Advanced Nutrients grow tables at www.calle25.com.

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