Themariashop offers in this section different lighting kits in different formats and combinations, depending on the indoor growing area we want to illuminate.

In our online shop you can find complete lighting kits, including transformer, bulb and standard aluminium reflector. Lighting kits of 250W, 400W and 600W are available, with mixed bulbs, sodium or metal halide.

Our lighting kits are equipped with Sylvania, Philips, Pure Light, Vanguard, Solux and Sumanster bulbs. In addition, you can choose the type of reflector that suits you best.


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Lighting kits for cannabis cultivation.

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, lighting kits are key to the success of the process. These kits offer various options to suit the needs of each grower.

Types of Lighting Kits

Lighting kits are classified according to their wattage, and there are several options available:

250W kits: Ideal for small crops or those with limited space.

400W and 600W kits: Suitable for medium to large crops.

There are even 1000W kits: Recommended for commercial crops or large growing areas.

Types of bulbs for lighting kits

The bulbs used in lighting kits are divided into three categories according to their light spectrum:

Growth bulbs: Emit bluish light, ideal for the vegetative phase by favouring the development of leaves and stems.

Flowering lamps: Generate red/orange light, stimulating the yield of dense buds during the flowering phase.

Mixed bulbs: They offer a full spectrum for the whole growing cycle, a practical and versatile option.

Bulb brands in lighting kits

We can choose different brands of bulbs for our lighting kit. Notable brands of bulbs for lighting kits include:

  • Sylvania: Renowned for their consistent quality and performance.
  • Philips: Offers high performance and energy efficient bulbs.
  • Pure Light: Provides full-spectrum bulbs for all stages of cultivation.
  • Vanguard: Efficient and long-lasting options, ideal for medium-sized crops.
  • Solux: Noted for its high performance, balanced spectrum bulbs.
  • Sunmaster: Specialised bulbs designed specifically for the flowering phase.

Benefits of different reflectors

The lighting kits also include different types of reflectors, each with its own specific benefits:

Stucco Reflector: Distributes light evenly and is an economical and efficient option.

Coolwings: Provides better cooling, preventing heat damage and maintaining the right temperature in the crop.

Cooltube Reflector: Ideal for reducing heat by allowing direct air extraction through the tube.

Adjust-a-wings: Provides greater control over light coverage, allowing the aperture to be adjusted according to the needs of the crop.

The importance of ballasts in cannabis growing

Ballasts are essential components in lighting kits for indoor cannabis growing. These devices play a crucial role in regulating the flow of electricity to the bulbs, mainly, their function is to ensure their proper functioning and provide the right amount of energy for optimal plant growth.

We find ballasts equivalent to the power of the bulb, 250W, 400W and 600W.

Balancing the power of your lighting kit

  • Magnetic ballasts: These traditional ballasts use transformers to regulate the current flow. They are a cheaper option, but tend to generate more heat and consume more energy compared to digital ballasts.
  • Digital ballasts: These are more advanced and efficient, as they use electronic technology to regulate the energy reaching the bulbs. They offer greater control over light intensity and reduce energy consumption, and also generate less heat, which helps to maintain the right temperature in the growing space.

In short, lighting kits for cannabis cultivation offer a wide variety of options in terms of wattage, bulb types and reflector brands. The right choice will depend on the size of the grow, the stages of growth and the grower’s preferences. With these kits, growers have at their disposal an essential tool to ensure healthy plant development and a quality harvest.

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