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Diferencias entre plantas de marihuana feminizadas y autoflorecientes

Differences between feminised and autoflowering cannabis plants

Many customers come to our shop to grow cannabis for the first time, but they don’t know the difference between feminised and autoflowering cannabis plants. If you are one of those who wonder what are the differences between feminised and autoflowering or which is better, in our online grow shop we tell you everything.

Table of contents

  1. What are the differences between feminised and autoflowering cannabis plants?
  2. What are photodependent or autoflowering varieties?
  3. Regular Cannabis Seeds
  4. Feminized cannabis seeds
  5. Autoflowering cannabis seeds
  6. So what is the difference between a photodependent feminised strain and an autoflowering strain?
  7. Feminised photodependent strains
  8. Autoflowering varieties
  9. Which is better, feminised or autoflowering varieties?

What are the differences between feminised and autoflowering cannabis plants?

In the world of cannabis we classify strains by different categories, so that it is easy to understand, we will explain what these categories are. If you want to buy cannabis seeds and go to our grow shop, you will find regular seeds, feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds. These are the most classic categories of cannabis, then we can classify them in many ways, but the easiest is that one.

Within the category of regular or feminized seeds we can find several types of plants, they can be photodependent or autoflowering plants.

What are photodependent or autoflowering varieties?

The photodependent varieties are those plants that need a change of light to start flowering. Indoors we should reduce from 18 hours of light to only 12 hours of light, only then our plants will start to flower. Outdoors we can’t choose the hours of light, that’s why the plants start to flower when the days start to get shorter and shorter.

Autoflowering strains are those that flower automatically after a few days or weeks, without the need for light changes. This allows us to make several harvests outdoors, without having to wait until September to harvest.

different types of seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are those that we do not know the sex of the plants until they develop, we can only know their sex once they have completed their vegetative phase.

Expert growers prefer to grow regular cannabis seeds because they say that they are plants with better genetics and more stable, implying that they are purer genetics. The downside of regular seeds is that approximately 40-50% of regular seeds usually end up being male plants and if you want to end up smoking your harvest, you will have to discard the males from your crop.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are those that will always produce female plants when grown, so you don’t have to worry about discarding the males. These seeds are the most chosen by growers, as they go to the insurance, will not have to do all the growth and then have to cut the males, and know with complete certainty that their plants will produce buds.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are plants that flower automatically, that is to say, plants that after a few weeks start to flower without the need for light changes or shorter days to start producing flowers. They are very fast and small plants, a classic autoflowering plant can be harvested in 8 weeks after germination and usually measure about one meter in height, all this varies depending on the variety that we grow.

So what is the difference between a photodependent feminised strain and an autoflowering strain?

Feminized Strains


Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering cycle

Feminised photodependent strains:

  • They need a change of light to flower: If we grow indoors we will need 18 hours to 12 hours for them to flower and if we grow outdoors they will only start to flower when the days start to get shorter.
  • We choose the size: Indoors we can select the size we want our plants to have, giving more or less growing time. Outdoors they are usually large plants, as most of them can exceed two metres in height.
  • Longer cultivation: Whenever we grow photodependent varieties, the cultivation will be longer than if we grow autoflowering. If we grow indoors, we will have a growth period and a flowering period, this means that the fastest variety we can grow will take at least one or two weeks of growth and at least 7 weeks of flowering. If we grow outdoors, we will start growing in spring and harvest at the end of summer, being the cultivation approximately 4 to 6 months (depending on the variety).
  • Higher production: Yes, the photodependent varieties are longer, but every wait has its reward, with this type of varieties we will always produce more than with any autoflowering (either indoors or outdoors).
  • You can make cuttings: With photodependent feminized varieties we can make clones.
  • More resistant to fertilizers: We can add higher doses of fertilizers.

Autoflowering varieties:

  • No need for light changes: Autoflowering varieties do not need a light change to start flowering, once they reach a certain height they will automatically start flowering on their own. If we grow indoors, we no longer have to change the light cycle from 18 hours to 12 hours, in fact, it is better to leave them all the crop at 18 hours, this is when they produce better crops. If you grow outdoors, exactly the same thing will happen, after 2 or 3 weeks, it will start to flower by itself, which allows us to make several harvests a year.
  • They are very fast varieties: Whether we grow indoors or outdoors, when we talk about autoflowering, we talk about speed. We can harvest autoflowering plants in just 7 weeks after germination.
  • Small size plants: Autoflowering strains are small plants, about 1 meter high (there are bigger and smaller ones too). Brands usually state the approximate height of the varieties. The fact that they are small and fast plants makes them ideal for balcony or guerrilla growing.
  • Can only be grown from seed: No cuttings are possible with autoflowering varieties.
  • Sensitive to transplanting: It is not advisable to transplant autoflowering varieties, as this could stagnate the plants.
  • Sensitive to excess fertiliser.

We already know the main differences, but which is better, feminised or autoflowering varieties?

Knowing the differences, you will now know which one suits your needs better. But I will still give you a brief explanation on how to choose which one is best for you.

If you are looking for production, THC potency, big plants and don’t mind waiting as long as it takes, then plant feminized strains.

Now, if you are looking for very fast, small sized strains and don’t need huge amounts, then grow autoflowering.

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