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Table of contents

  1. How to choose cannabis seeds?

    1.1. Types of cannabis seeds
    1.2. Feminized cannabis seeds
    1.3. Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
    1.4. Regular cannabis seeds
    1.5. CBD cannabis seeds
    1.6. Cannabis Fast version cannabis seeds
  2. Types of effects of cannabis seeds

    2.1. Sativa cannabis seeds
    2.2. Indica cannabis seeds
  3. Flavoured cannabis seeds

  4. The most potent cannabis seeds in THC

  5. The best cannabis seeds

    5.1. The best cannabis seeds for outdoor growing
    5.2. The best cannabis seeds for indoor growing
  6. Tips on how to germinate cannabis seeds

    6.1. How long do cannabis seeds take to germinate?
    6.2. Why don't cannabis seeds germinate?
    6.3. Preservation of Cannabis Seeds
  7. Where to buy cannabis seeds?

    7.1. Cannabis seed shop
  8. Free cannabis seeds

  9. Cheap cannabis seeds

  10. Catalogue of cannabis seeds:

How to choose cannabis seeds?

To choose our cannabis seeds we must know the characteristics of all the different types of cannabis that exist. Once we know the characteristics of the different plants, we will be able to choose the type of cannabis that best suits our needs and/or crops.

Types of cannabis seeds

We found 5 big families of cannabis seeds, below, we will show you all the different families of cannabis seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminised seeds are those that will produce 99.9% female plants, i.e. they will produce buds. They are photosensitive varieties, i.e. we must respect a growth cycle and a flowering cycle, they are seeds suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering or automatic cannabis seeds are those that are NOT photosensitive, that is to say, they will not flower when the light changes. They will flower automatically, they are very fast and small plants, they can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are those that in the same package we can find both male and female plants and we will not know the sex of the plant until it develops.

CBD cannabis seeds

CBD cannabis seeds are seeds with low THC levels and high medicinal content, ideal for therapeutic use. In this section you will find normal and autoflowering strains, but all of them CBD.

Cannabis Fast version cannabis seeds

Fast Version cannabis seeds are born from the cross between a feminized and an autoflowering strain. These strains are photosensitive and will need a change of light hours to flower, but they are very, very fast varieties.

Types of effects of cannabis seeds

Not all cannabis growers look for the same effect in cannabis, some people look for a relaxing, narcotic, body effect, while others look for more cerebral, stimulating, etc. effects.

There are different types of effects in cannabis plants. Before buying a cannabis seed, take a good look at the composition and genetics of the variety, usually the manufacturer will indicate the effect that each of its varieties produces.

Sativa cannabis seeds

Sativa strains of cannabis are plants with a larger structure, growing tall, but with a slender morphology. Their leaves are usually thin and they are plants that need high amounts of fertiliser to grow without deficiencies. The effect of the Sativa is stimulating, more cerebral. We recommend growing this type of strain to those who are looking for a more active effect, more for the day, for work and to increase creativity.

Indica cannabis seeds

Indica cannabis seeds are plants with a very robust structure, plants that grow larger in width, but smaller in height than sativas. They are easy to grow and do not need a lot of fertiliser. The effect of the Indicas is more corporal, more relaxing. We recommend these varieties more for those who are looking for moments of peace and relaxation, ideal for sleeping.

Flavoured cannabis seeds

Yes, you read that right, the aroma and taste of cannabis is also a very important point when it comes to buying cannabis seeds. There are different flavours of cannabis, here we will show you the different flavours we can find in plants.

  • Fruity flavoured cannabis strains: melon, watermelon, apple, strawberry, raspberry, mango, pineapple, etc. flavoured cannabis.
  • Cannabis strains flavoured with spices and herbs, such as pepper, cinnamon, mint, ginger, saffron, etc.
  • Cannabis strains with more bitter or earthy flavours, such as wood, garlic, coffee, metallic, pistachio, even fuel (diesel) flavoured strains.
  • Varieties with more citrus flavours, such as lemon, grapefruit, lime, orange, mandarin, etc.

The most potent cannabis seeds in THC

In the years that we have been selling cannabis seeds, we can assure you that one of the characteristics that growers are most looking for is potency. We find cannabis seeds with different percentages of THC, we wanted to make your work easier and we have made different selections with the most potent cannabis seeds in THC.

The best cannabis seeds

No one can say which is the best cannabis seed in the world, and there are several reasons to tell you this.

  1. Not all growers are looking for the same effect.
  2. Not everyone likes the same taste and aroma.
  3. Some are in more of a hurry than others, and some varieties are faster than others.
  4. Some people prefer feminised, others prefer autoflowering or there are customers looking for CBD-only seeds.

So, as everyone has different tastes, I can't tell you which is the best cannabis seed. I can only tell you to look for the best one for you.

The best cannabis seeds for outdoor growing

The best cannabis seeds for outdoors are those that will give us the fewest problems, so we must know how to choose the type of variety that adapts to our climate. If we grow in countries where the percentage of humidity in the month of harvest is very high, we run the risk of our plants rotting or catching fungi such as botrytis.

So, ideally, if you live in a country where the month of harvest is very humid, you should choose an early variety to avoid fungus problems.

If you grow on a balcony, the ideal for these cases is to grow Indica plants or even autoflowering seeds, as they are smaller and will make your crop more discreet.

The best cannabis seeds for indoor growing

Looking for the best cannabis seeds for indoor growing? Let me tell you that indoors you can grow any strain you want. You will need to adapt your crop to the strain, giving it the light cycle it needs, the optimum temperature, regulating the humidity percentage and providing the necessary fertilisers.

Selecting the best strain for indoor growing is up to you. Only you know what you are looking for in a cannabis seed.

Tips on how to germinate cannabis seeds

Our advice for germinating cannabis seeds is to use the wet paper towel technique. This technique is based on placing the seeds between several pieces of damp absorbent kitchen paper. To keep the paper damp, place it between two plates and make sure that the paper is damp at all times and that the temperature is 22ºC. With this way of germinating cannabis seeds, we can ensure 98% germination.

How long do cannabis seeds take to germinate?

Cannabis seeds take approximately 24 to 48 hours to germinate. Once germinated, they should be placed in the substrate in which they are going to be grown. Place the seeds root-side down and bury them a maximum of one centimetre. Once the seeds have been placed in the substrate, keep it humid and at a temperature of 22ºC. If we do this correctly, our seedlings will start to appear two days later. That is to say, 48 hours to germinate and 48 hours to come out of the substrate.

Why don't cannabis seeds germinate?

Cannabis seeds most of the time do not germinate because of bad techniques. Don't put your seeds in a glass of water and don't use cotton wool to germinate your seeds, cotton wool is not the same as absorbent paper.
Do not pay attention to the size of the seed, nor its colour, seeds are all different and they should all germinate, use the absorbent paper technique and if you wish you can use Seedbooster plus.

Preservation of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds should be kept in a refrigerator at a temperature of approximately 4-8ºC, with a humidity of 10-20% and protected from light.

Where to buy cannabis seeds?

If you are looking for where to sell cannabis seeds, you are in the right place. We sell cannabis seeds of all kinds.

Cannabis seed shop

In addition to selling marijuana seeds online, we also have a physical shop. You can find us on the border with France (El Pertús), a small village in La Jonquera, 20 minutes from Figueres and 20 minutes from Perpignan.

Cannabis seeds 2022 / 2023

We are constantly renewing and expanding our catalogue, just so you will always find the latest cannabis seeds for the year 2022/2023.

Free cannabis seeds

Do you want some free cannabis seeds? In all cannabis seeds orders over 20€ we give you free seeds. If you don't want to place an order and still want free cannabis seeds, don't worry, you still have the option to get some seeds, come to our shop, leave us a review on Google and get some seeds totally free.

Cheap cannabis seeds

We have seeds in all price ranges, from the cheapest cannabis seeds on the market to the most expensive cannabis seeds. If you are looking for cheap cannabis seeds, see our top 10 cheapest cannabis seeds post. In addition, we are continuously making offers on cannabis seeds, this way you will always buy your seeds at the best price.

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