After many experienced years on sale to the seeds cannabis public, we decided to take one more step and opening our online seeds store. Here you'll find the best cannabis seeds banks and an infinity of high quality varieties, both feminized as regulars, autoflowering, also medicinal seeds rich in CBD and even we hace kits composed by different varities.

Themariashop offers you a wide catalog of cannabis seeds so you can try between Sativas, Indicas or Hybrid varieties.

We work with seeds bank known them for everybody in this world. Seeds Banks that  offer us the best genetics and the stablest, so we can give to our customers more confidence at the time they have to do their shopping. Inside the all cannabis seeds you will find, the most important are the classic ones like the White widow, Moby dick, Ak-47, Skunk #1, Critical +, Jack Herer, etc.

Hightligh our autoflowering seeds, that the fastest will be ready in 6 or 7 weeks from the germination.
In general, we have a wide catalog so you can buy the cannabis seeds that best suit your crops, needs or taste.

Cannabis Seeds preservation

For good preservation, ideal for storing seeds temperature is between 4 and 7 degrees Celsius, it's usually the temperature we have in our household fridges. To prevent unwanted germination should not be kept in dry conditions, we advise not to remove them from their original packaging.

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