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How to dry marijuana buds?

If you are reading this, it is because you have finished or are going to finish your crop successfully. Before drying the plants we must cut them, for this we recommend that you see when to harvest the marijuana plants. If they are already cut, let’s move on to drying them and be careful, because if we don’t dry them properly we can lose our entire harvest. Stay in our online grow shop and we’ll tell you all about it!

Table of contents

  1. How to dry marijuana buds?
  2. Ideal conditions for drying marijuana buds
  3. Ways to dry cannabis buds
  4. How long does it take for the buds to dry?
  5. What to do if the buds have dried out too much?
  6. How to preserve marijuana once it has dried?

How to dry marijuana buds?

To dry the buds correctly we must have specific climatic conditions, we have to control and regulate the temperature and humidity of the space where we are going to dry our harvest. To control the temperature and humidity we can use a digital thermo-hygrometer. We can also dry our marijuana in different spaces, rooms, garages, grow rooms… or any place where we can have the necessary parameters for the correct drying of our buds.

Ideal conditions for drying marijuana buds

First of all, we must do this in a dark space, preferably totally dark, without any light. We can turn on the light when we are going to check the parameters and check that the buds are drying correctly.

The temperature of the space should be around 18ºC, if we have a very high temperature or suffer very abrupt temperature changes we will lose a lot of flavour in our buds.

The relative humidity of the room should be between 45% – 55%. For the drying of our buds to be successful, this is the most important thing. If the humidity is too high, the buds can rot and get mouldy. On the other hand, if the humidity is too low, the marijuana will dry very quickly, losing flavour and weight. To reduce the humidity level we can use air extractors, although if we extract the air outside we must be careful with the smell that reaches the street. To avoid arousing suspicion, we recommend using carbon filters to reduce the smell.

Marijuana drying in a tent

We must renew the air daily, and we advise against using fans for this purpose, as we could dry the buds too quickly, losing flavour and effect, as well as significantly reducing the weight of the buds.

Ways to dry cannabis buds

There are many methods and many ways to dry marijuana, who hasn’t dried weed in a shoebox? (This method is not at all advisable).

One of the most effective ways of drying is to cut the plant at the trunk end, turn it upside down and hang it upside down on a rope or any other material that allows us to support the weight of the plants. This way the sap will run down to the tips of the plants. If you are lucky enough to have very large plants, you can use the same method, but cut off the branches and hang only the branches. If we do this, our plants will dry out more quickly.

Drying plants

If you have a lot of plants and the branches will take up too much space, or if you use machines to manicure the buds, in which you have to separate the buds from the branches, we recommend using marijuana dryers. Marijuana dryers are nets with different floors, in which we place the buds on top and allow air circulation all around the buds. If we use dryers, we must bear in mind that the part of the bud that rests on the dryer can become flattened, so we recommend turning the buds from time to time, in this way we will get much more compact buds.

Secadora cannabis


Cogollos en secadora

How long does it take for the buds to dry?

If we have managed to create ideal conditions, with perfect humidity and temperature parameters, we can have dried buds in approximately 12-15 days. If our weed has dried out before this time, it means that the conditions have not been right and we will have lost flavour and potency. We should not let the buds dry too much, as they will dry out during the curing phase of the marijuana.

To find out if the buds are dry, take a branch and break it. If we notice that the branch crackles, the buds should be dry and ready for curing.

What to do if the buds have dried out too much?

If our buds have over-dried, we will have lost flavour and potency, but luckily, we can re-humidify them slightly and regain some of that texture, potency and flavour. We can put Boveda or Integra Boost sachets in the jar where we are going to store the buds, or use wooden boxes with integrated humidifier such as the 00Box.

Integra Boost 55%

Boveda 62%

When we have dried our buds, we must cure them, to get an incredible flavour and potency. To find out how to do a good curing process, we recommend you to visit How to do a good cannabis curing process.

How to preserve marijuana once it has dried?

Once the buds are dry and cured, you will need to preserve them well. To do this you can use vacuum jars, vacuum bags, 00 box boxes, etc. I advise you to visit the post “The conservation of marijuana”.

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