Radical Juice Auto by Ripper Seeds is an autoflowering seed that will give you fruity, resinous terpene flowers so you can make the most of your harvest.

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Radical Juice Auto are autoflowering seeds by Ripper Seeds bank that you can buy at the best price in our online grow shop. With an intense and fruity flavour, it is perfect for making extractions from your autoflowering harvest.

Cultivation information of Radical Juice Auto

Indica-dominant, this autoflowering strain is the result of crossing Tropicanna Cookies with Runtz. Renowned for it’s high terpene content, you’ll love it’s fruity flavour and aroma, which is very similar to the well-known Tropicanna, Zkittlez and Gelato.

It’s flowers full of resin will be sublime for you to dare to make resin extractions and not waste this delight.

Indoor cultivation

Radical Juice Auto is a plant that, like all plants, needs a good environment to grow big and strong, and that can generate an abundant yield in 70/75 days from germination.

The choice of an indoor grow tent and a digital thermo-hygrometer will be decisive in keeping your plants’ environment under control.

Choosing pots of between 7 and 11 litres will be good for your plant, so you won’t need to change them as they grow and you will avoid stressing them. If you want, you can boost the roots with a root stimulator to strengthen them and generate a high yield.

Light is essential, so give the plant between 18 and 20 hours of light, increasing the yield of your crop. You should also keep an eye on the temperature between 20 and 26 degrees. And the humidity between 50 and 70% during the vegetative phase, which at the beginning of it’s flowering phase it’s humidity should be between 40 and 45%.

Outdoor cultivation

Radical Juice Auto can be grown in pots of 11 litres or more, or directly in the ground. The substrate is an essential element that has to be in good conditions, for example a Light Mix to start with and an All-Mix to give all the nutrients to your beloved plants.

It is advisable to grow this autoflowering variety in the months of more light, and at about 18 degrees to grow without problems, since in 70/75 days since the seed has germinated.

Radical Juice: Fruity taste

It’s excellent terpenes make it’s fruity flavour intense and with a creamy touch. This mixture in the mouth, not cloying will make it your favourite choice for your moment of “break”.

Radical effect

With an indica dominance, it’s effect is none other than to relax and give you that calm to face your day from another perspective.

Characteristics of the Radical Juice Auto by Ripper Seeds

  • Genetics: Indica dominant
  • Genotype: Tropicanna Cookies x Runtz
  • Harvest: 70 – 75 days
  • Yield indoor: high
  • Yield outdoor: high
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