Kmintz Auto by Ripper Seeds is an autoflowering strain that brings together all the best of Zkittlez and Kush Mint. It will give you dense and hard buds, with a powerful and relaxing effect. Will you dare to try it’s powerful hit?

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Kmintz Auto are autoflowering seeds from Ripper Seeds that you can buy at the best price in our online grow shop. From a perfect cross, Kmintz Auto has improved its ancestry to become a homegrown star of Ripper Seeds. Remember that a feminized version of Kmintz is also available.

Kmintz Auto Growing Information

An indica dominant plant, this is a strain that has everything that is good about Zkittlez and Kush Mint, improving the density of its buds and enhancing the Zkittlez’s characteristic effect.

Kmintz Auto will be ready for harvest 60-70 days after germination. It will be the occasion to obtain dense and hard buds, with typical autumn colours such as orange, violet and earthy.

Indoor growing

Kmintz Auto in its growing indoors, will need enough hours of light, so it is advisable to have between 18 and 20 hours of light, so that it develops to the maximum.

At the beginning to help the plant to root well and have a strong root system, you can use a root stimulator to ensure its good development. Together with pots of 7 to 11 litres, so that it has space.

Another important point is the temperature, which should not vary between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius. A stable humidity between 50 and 70% during the vegetative phase, and when they enter the flowering phase they should have a humidity between 40 and 45%.

All this is ideally done in growing tents and a digital thermo-hygrometer to keep it under control and not have any scares.

Kmintz Auto is a variety that, if it is within these conditions and well nourished, can give a high production per square meter, between 60 and 70 days from germination.

Growing outdoors

Outdoors it is ideal for growing in months where there are more hours of light. If it is grown all year round, its perfect temperature is 18 degrees Celsius for a good development of the plant.

This variety is resistant in its growing outdoors, so it will be able to fight most of the pests, being ideal for less experienced growers because this plant will be a great ally.

Caramel flavour

Thanks to its abundant terpenes, its fruity flavour will make you enjoy your Kmintz Auto flower. Leaving you in the mouth for a long time, you will notice hints of fruit candy and mint. Do you dare to enjoy it?

Powerful effect of Kmintz Auto by Ripper Seeds

Being an indica plant, its relaxing and calming effect will allow you to enjoy the day peacefully. It will help you to focus on your chores or enjoy a get-together with friends.

Characteristics of Kmintz Auto by Ripper Seeds

  • Genetics: Indica dominant
  • Genotype: Zkittlez x Kush Mint
  • Harvest: 60 – 70 days
  • Indoor Yield: High
  • Outdoor Yield: high
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