Ripper Seeds is a cannabis seedbank with more than 20 years in the cannabis world. They have developed their genetics working hard to bring us very top seeds.

In their catalogue we can find feminized seeds, regular seeds and until 2023 they didn't include autoflowering cannabis seeds.

In this section you will find all the cannabis seeds you can buy from the Ripper Seeds catalogue.


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In Themariashop you can buy Ripper Seeds seeds at the best price, we have all the feminized varieties of this magnificent seed bank.

History of Ripper

Ripper is a Spanish seedbank, its history goes back to the early 2000’s, that’s when the founders turned their love for cannabis into a daily job.

At that time the grow shop sector was growing steadily in the peninsula and they took advantage of this growth to gain experience in the sector.

Over the years they selected different types of cannabis strains, looking for the best genetics on the market. After so many years in the sector and with all their knowledge, in the middle of 2011 they decided to go one step further and create their own cannabis seed bank “RIPPER SEEDS”.

Since then they strive to offer the world high quality seeds 100% feminized.

Ripper Seeds catalogue

The cannabis seeds catalogue of Ripper includes feminized, autoflowering, regular and limited edition strains.

Ripper feminized seeds

Ripper catalogue of feminized cannabis seeds is the result of years of conservation and selection of plants. Years of dedication to offer customers a wide range of possibilities for cannabis growers.

Ripper regular seeds

In Ripper regular seeds you will find the most exclusive cannabis genetics of the Ripper collection. So many years of research, preservation and selection, have paid off and their strains are highly reputed by cannabis lovers.

New 2023! Autoflowering Seeds Ripper Seeds

After several years of research and high customer demand, finally this year, this magnificent seed bank launches 4 varieties of autoflowering seeds.

The same quality as always now in a fast version, get them and discover the quality and potency of these magnificent varieties.

Best Ripper strains

Ripper has very top cannabis strains and most of them are cup winners, it is incredible how many cups this seed bank has won.

Here are the best-selling varieties of Ripper and the most selected by our customers.

  • Criminal +: Indica variety born from the cross between Critical Mass and Double G, is one of the best known varieties of Ripper.
  • Zombie Kush: Variety of lilac hues that produces lots of trichomes that cover their large buds, a must for lovers of kush flavors.
  • Toxic: Variety born from the cross between Ripper Haze and Criminal +, hybrid created with the intention of getting a plant of high production and large trichomes.
  • Ripper Haze: is the final result of the search for the perfect Haze: very powerful and long-lasting effect, fast flowering cycle and intense aroma and flavour.

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In our online grow shop you can buy cheap Ripper, available in 1, 3 and 5 seed formats. In addition, we are continuously doing promotions on seeds so you can buy your seeds at the best price.

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