Delicious Seeds regular seeds are a versatile and exciting option for growers looking to explore pure cannabis genetics. These seeds are non-feminised, which means they can produce both male and female plants.

With Delicious Seeds regular seeds, growers have the opportunity to make custom genetic crosses and selections, allowing for the creation of new strains that are unique and tailored to their individual preferences.

Delicious Seeds excels in offering a wide variety of regular seeds, each with unique characteristics and flavour profiles. From intense, earthy flavours to fruity and spicy aromas, you’ll find a diverse range of options to explore and experiment with.

At themariashop, you will find the full catalogue of Delicious Seeds regular seeds, buy them at the best price in our online grow shop.

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In this section we present you the regular seeds from Delicious Seeds. If you are looking for pure and high quality genetics, Delicious has worked hard to bring you what you need.

In our online grow shop you can buy cheap regular seeds from different seed banks, but if you are looking for something with a delicious taste, Delicious Seeds has it for sure.

What are regular seeds?

Regular seeds are seeds that when germinated can produce both male and female plants. When growing this type of seeds we must be attentive to when they declare their sex, as we will have to select the females and eliminate the males.

Regular seeds are pure genetics that have never been genetically modified, which guarantees high quality and much more stable plants. They are also much more resistant to pests and diseases and it is almost impossible to get hermaphrodite plants.

When growing regular seeds we have to grow about twice as many seeds, as usually 50% of them are male.

If you want to make cuttings they are the best option, once grown, select the female plants, keep the best ones and make your mother plants. You will get cuttings of pure genetics.

Delicious Seeds Regular Seeds

All Delicious regular strains are subjected to strict quality controls to ensure that only the best get to you.

Delicious Seeds includes in its catalog 5 regular varieties with an incredible quality, varieties with lots of flavor and potency.

Delicious Seeds Regular Strains

Here are the best regular cannabis seeds of Delicious.

  • Caramelo Regular: This is a Sativa-dominant strain with a unique genetic diversity: Hawaiian, Afghani, Colombian and Mexican. One of the characteristic features of Caramelo is its floral spicy aroma.
  • Delicious Candy regular: A cross between two of the best commercially available genetics. Cheese x Skunk x Kush. It has a powerful effect that initially transports you to a euphoric state, without being too cerebral, and as the clock ticks down it becomes relaxing and pleasant.
  • Marmalate Regular: This is a mix of indica with sativa touches and a sativa with indica touches (Lavender x Critical Mass). It stands out for its incredible ease of growing and its unique appearance.
  • Original Juan Herer Regular: Sativa dominant cannabis plant, but with short flowering times as an indica and very productive, this makes it a very good choice for big sativa lovers. Noted for its taste of wet earth and incense and citrus overtones.
  • Unknown Kush Regular: A hybrid with aromas of haze and kush that transforms into a very dense and complex mix of abstract flavours. You will notice metallic incendiary nuances and slight acidic traces of citrus flavour that remind us of the legendary Kush so appreciated in the United States.

Don’t hesitate and buy your Delicious Seeds regular seeds today. We are sure you will love them and be satisfied with your choice.

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