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To grow autoflowering marijuana plants indoors we can work with the same material with which we grow classic marijuana plants. A factor to take into account for indoor growing is the height indicated by the seed bank because there are different sizes, especially to adapt it to the height of your growing area.

The difference with a classic marijuana plant is that the photoperiod of the autoflowering seeds is 18 or 20 hours of light as indicated by the seed bank both in growth and flowering, they are a variety of cannabis that from and depending on the variety begins to bloom in the 2nd week, until the plant begins to bloom we will add fertilizers for marijuana rooting and growth fertilizer, we will pass to the flowering fertilizer when the plant begins to bloom and we can add a flowering booster from the 4th week of flowering along with the flowering fertilizer.

The conditions for growing automatic marijuana plants indoors are as follows:

– Photoperiod of light in growth and flowering: 18/20 hours.

– Photoperiod of darkness in growth and flowering: 6/4 hours.

– To use directly pots of 11 liters not to make transplants.

– Temperature with light: 22 24 ºC.

– Temperature in darkness: 18 21 ºC.

– Humidity in growth phase: 55% – 65%.

– Humidity in phase of bloom: 50% – 55%.

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