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¿Cómo germinar las semillas de marihuana? La Germinación paso a paso



Seed germination step by step

How to germinate marijuana seeds? It is a question that many beginners in the world of cannabis ask themselves… Well, there are many methods to germinate seeds.

In this section we show you a very reliable method and for us the best of how to make these tiny seeds become big and strong plants.

In order for marijuana seeds to germinate correctly, you need specific parameters such as a good level of humidity, an ideal temperature and darkness.

Necessary material for a good germination

In general, to germinate the seeds we do not need anything special, we will need 2 plates, kitchen paper, a little water, some tweezers and above all the seeds!

Let’s get to work Let’s germinate our seeds!

Step 1: place three kitchen paper napkins on top of a plate and moisten with water, we can use a sprayer, if you don’t have a sprayer, moisten the paper with a glass of water, it doesn’t have to be flooded, just wet!

– Step nº2: We lay down the plate to make sure that there is not too much water and with the help of some tweezers we place the seeds on top of the wet paper (we can place the number of seeds that we want).

Step 3: Place another three kitchen paper napkins on top of the seeds and moisten them with the water again! (just moisten).

– Step 4: we cover with another plate so that the light does not enter and above all so that the humidity is preserved, we will make sure that the paper is wet quite often and if we see that the napkins are starting to dry we will humidify again with the sprayer.

The room temperature should be around 21 – 24 ºC

Step 5: After 24 hours, lift the plate and moisten the napkins again, cover with the plate again and leave for another 24 hours (or until the seeds germinate).

– Step 6: We remove the upper plate and lift the napkins carefully, et voila! we already have our germinated seeds!

Attention! The germination process usually lasts between 36 – 48 hours and once the seeds germinate they will need their first transplant. So have the substrate you are going to use ready, be it earth, coconut, rock wool, etc.

First Transplant

Once the seeds germinate, we will proceed to the first transplant. We advise those who grow on land to use peat tablets and for hydroponic growers, small cubes of rock wool.

Transplantation to peat tablets:

We soak the peat tablets, we will see that the tablets begin to get fat. Once they have reached their actual size, we drain them to ensure that there is no excess water, we make a hole in the peat so that the root can fit well.

With tweezers we will place the seeds in the peat with the root downwards (we can do it with our hands but be careful not to touch the root with our fingers). You don’t have to bury the seeds too much, one centimeter is enough. Once each seed is placed in its peat with a spoon or a sprayer, we will humidify the substrate well, we will place the peat tablets in a mini greenhouse to conserve humidity and at an ambient temperature of between 21 – 24ºC.

After 36 – 48 hours our plants will begin to emerge from the peat with their first two leaves (cotyledons). Once the cotyledons (first leaves) come out, we will start the light cycle (18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness) or in outdoor crops we will expose them to sunlight.

Once the roots begin to come out of the peat, we will transplant them to a more comfortable pot.

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