Triangle Pack by Atami is a pack containing the necessary fertilisers to carry out all the growing of our plants. It contains the growth and flowering fertilizers together with the flowering stimulator.


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Triangle Pack by Atami is an organic-mineral fertiliser pack that offers a solution for all levels of horticulture. Thanks to this pack of Atami we will obtain healthy plants with abundant, dense and compact flowers.

Thanks to the fact that Triangle Pack fertilisers leave no one indifferent, due to the impressive results and the fact that they are very easy to use, they are one of the best fertilisers for beginners and expert growers.

What fertilisers does the Triangle Pack contain?

The Atami pack contains two base fertilisers for the growth and flowering phase, together with a flowering stimulator.

  • ATA NRG Growth C 250ml. Growth fertilizer.
  • ATA NRG Bloom C 250ml. Bloom fertiliser.
  • ATA NRG Flower C 250ml. Flowering stimulator.

Make your plants grow with ATA NRG Growth C

ATA NRG Growth-C is Triangle Pack’s growth fertilizer. It is excellent for optimising and maximising the potential of your growing, with the aim of developing big and strong plants. It helps the micro-organisms found in the substrate to increase the plant’s performance, boosting its vigour, with a robust stem and strong branches.

It is suitable for both the growth and flowering stages, in combination with ATA NRG Bloom.

Increases the number of flowers thanks to ATA NRG Bloom C

ATA NRG Bloom-C is used during the flowering stage to give plants a boost to help them develop buds. It is a fertilizer that concentrates vitamins, enzymes, plant hormones, amino acids and trace elements, which will help to increase the performance of our growing effectively.

It is a fertilizer that we will use from the beginning of the flowering stage to help the formation of flowers, providing the perfect amount of phosphorus and potassium.

Fatten your buds with ATA NRG Flower C

ATA NRG Flower-C is a flowering stimulator designed to accelerate and intensify the flowering of the plant, and thus achieve a much more productive harvest. In addition, it will increase the smell and taste of the flowers and improve resin production.

The combination of Flower-C and Bloom-C from Triangle Pack results in an impressive display of dense, rocky flowers, turning the plants into a marvel to behold.

Dosage and instructions for use of Triangle Pack

  • Growth C. Add 1 – 5ml per litre of water, start by adding 1ml/L and increase the dosage up to 5ml/L. It is a fertilizer that should be applied during the growth and flowering phase, so that we will improve the performance and production of the growing.
  • Bloom C. Add 1 – 3ml per litre of water. It is a fertiliser that we will use from the beginning of the flowering stage to help the formation of flowers, providing the perfect amount of phosphorus and potassium.
  • Flower C. Add 1 – 5 ml per litre of water, start with 1 ml/L at the change of phase to flowering and increase the doses up to 5 ml/L from the 3rd week of the flowering stage. The stimulator should be used during the whole flowering phase.

It is highly recommended to combine Triangle Pack products with Flavor C, which will improve the organoleptic properties of our plants, such as smell and taste.

Triangle Pack for all growers

This pack of fertilizers is an ideal pack for all growing and growers. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert grower, with Atami’s pack you will get exuberant results.

Get the Triangle Pack and raise the level of your harvest!

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