With the psychedelic  mushroom grow kit for beginners, we will be able to enter the world of mycology in such a way that we can control our culture at all times.


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From Themariashop we offer you the possibility to get started in the world of magic mushroom grow kit economic, thanks to it. With the beginner’s mushroom grow kit you will have all the necessary material for a correct development of your magic mushroom kit.

Mushroom grow kit economic for beginners and advanced growers

The mushroom grow kit economic includes a variety of psychedelic mushrooms to choose from depending on the desired variety. Some of the most popular varieties available are Mexican Laughing Mushrooms, Mckennaii psychedelic mushrooms, Thailand visual mushrooms, among many more to choose from, such as Ecuatorian, Colombian, B+… All of them are different from each other, but the cultivation process is practically the same for all of them.

In addition, we have a mini greenhouse made of resistant plastic from Garland measuring 37.5 x 23 x 18cm with which we can create the necessary environment for the development of the magic mushrooms. It also has a ventilation system at the top of the lid.

Thanks to it, we will be able to obtain the optimal cultivation parameters to grow and study our psychedelic mushrooms from the mushroom grow kit pack economic.

To know at all times the optimal parameters for culture, we will need a thermo-hygrometer. Thermo-hygrometers are used to measure the temperature and relative humidity of the environment, thanks to it we will be able to monitor the inside of the greenhouse.

Components of the psychedelic mushrooms grow kit economic :

  • Mushroom kit to choose from
  • Garland plastic mini greenhouse 37,5 x 23 x 18cm
  • Thermo hygrometer with probe

Advantages of the magic mushroom cultivation kit

With the mushroom grow kit economic you will be able to optimise the culture of magic mushrooms. Thanks to it, we will be able to carry out an ideal study to get to know the different varieties of magic mushrooms.

With the mini-greenhouse we will be able to create the ideal environment for the growth of our magic mushrooms, achieving the maximum potential in each crop. In addition, with the thermohygrometer we will be able to measure the temperature and humidity parameters necessary to know them, and if they are not the correct ones, we will be able to achieve them.

These products are exclusively for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental use. They are not for agricultural or food use.

Setnatur and Themariashop are not responsible for any illicit use that third parties may make of these kits.

Weight 1,8 kg

B+, Colombian, Ecuatorian, Golden Teacher, Mexican, Thailand, Mckennaii, Mazapatec


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