The 400W lighting kits are ideal for cannabis crops with a surface area of one square metre. With the lighting kits we will achieve a correct development of the cannabis plants.

Below, you can buy from the basic 400W lighting kits (with mixed bulb) to the 400w kit dedicated only for the growing phase or only for the flowering phase.


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400W Lighting Kits: Power and Versatility for Cannabis Growers

In the world of indoor cannabis cultivation, 400W lighting kits are a popular and versatile choice for growers looking for more intense and effective lighting. These kits provide the power needed to cover grow areas of approximately 90×90 centimetres or 100×100 centimetres, making them an ideal choice for medium-sized grows.

If you need a lighting kit for a smaller area, we recommend you take a look at the 250W lighting kits.

At Themariashop you will find different options for 400W lighting kits. In this section you will find 400 watt VDL transformer kits with a wide range of aluminium reflectors (stuco, adjust a wings, cool tube and cool wing) and Sylvania lamps (metal halide, mixed and sodium), in which you can make different combinations.

More power, higher yields

The 400W power offered by these kits allows the plants to receive sufficient light for healthy growth and a more abundant yield of buds. During the flowering phase, the light intensity provided favours the formation of dense and resinous buds. This is the reason why we will obtain a harvest of higher quality and yield.

All lighting kits that you will find in our online shop include reflector light, transformer and bulb.

Different types of bulbs

400W lighting kits usually come with different types of bulbs (choose the option that suits you best), adapted to the different stages of growth of the plants. The growth bulbs emit a bluish spectrum of light that favours the development of leaves and stems during the vegetative phase.

On the other hand, flowering bulbs generate a red/orange light spectrum that stimulates the yield of buds during the flowering phase. There are also mixed bulbs that provide a full spectrum, suitable for all stages of cultivation.

Reflectors for Optimal Light Distribution

400W lighting kits can come with different types of reflectors, each with their own specific advantages. Stucco reflectors are an economical and efficient option that evenly distribute light across the grow area. Coolwings reflectors, on the other hand, provide better cooling by allowing air to circulate between their wings, helping to maintain the right temperature in the crop.

Better Light Control with Digital Ballasts

The ballasts that come with 400W lighting kits are usually magnetic ballasts. These traditional ballasts use transformers to regulate the current flow. They are a cheaper option, but tend to consume more energy compared to digital ballasts.

In conclusion, 400W lighting kits are a powerful and versatile option for indoor cannabis growing. Their higher wattage and the variety of bulbs and reflectors available allow them to adapt to different growth stages and grow sizes. Thanks to it, they guarantee healthy plant development and an abundant, quality harvest.

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