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Magic mushroom kit not growing

Why is my magic mushroom kit not growing?

Mushroom kit can be incredibly profitable, even for several harvests, but if we do not control the optimal parameters for their development, this can be reason enough for our magic mushroom kit not growing, to do so more slowly or even not to produce mushrooms at all.

Why my magic mushroom kit not growing?

If our Magic mushroom kit not growing, there are several reasons for this. Firstly, in order for the growing to develop successfully, we must activate the primordia. If this step has not been taken, we recommend you to visit How to grow psychedelic mushrooms for mycological studies?

If we have already activated the primordia and the mycelium has developed, but our psychedelic mushroom kit is still not fruiting, there are several reasons for this.


To find out the reasons why mushrooms don’t come out of your psychedelic mushroom kit, visit our online grow shop to find out what the most common reasons are.

Magic mushroom kit not growing

Lack of moisture in magic mushroom kit

Growing mushrooms in which there is a lack of moisture will result in slow, very slow or even no development at all. In the absence of moisture, the primordium will dry out quickly and the mushrooms will not ripen properly. Lack of moisture is usually the main reason why the magic mushroom kit not growing
If it happens at a more advanced stage, we can tell when the surface of the mushrooms becomes slightly shiny. In addition, if there is a low percentage of humidity, the edges will start to crack, to the point of irreversible damage, as the mushrooms will stop developing.

To increase the moisture content of the mushroom kit, we recommend spraying the surface of the mushroom kit, as long as there are no mushrooms or areas where mushrooms have not developed. As a result, increasing the frequency of watering will increase the humidity of the growing.

It is also important to keep the humidity inside the bag or propagator, we should check that there is no part of the bag or propagator where air can escape and the humidity is not protected.

But when we talk about humidity, it is always related to another very important parameter in the growing of magic mushrooms, the temperature.

Lack of temperature in our magic mushroom kit.

Temperature and humidity are two ranges that go together in mushroom growing. If the growing room has a high temperature, the kit will dry out more easily, or the mushrooms may grow too quickly. If our mushrooms grow too fast, it can happen that they do not have time to develop properly and we lose production. The temperature is usually the second factor why our magic mushroom kit not growing.

If our mushroom growing is at a colder or lower temperature than necessary. The development of the mushrooms will slow down or even stop their life cycle. If our mushroom kit is at a temperature below the recommended temperature, we should place it in an area with a higher temperature. This is a highly recommended option or we can use heating blankets.

If, on the other hand, the magic mushroom kit is at a higher temperature than recommended, we should look for a cooler area, thus avoiding slowing down or paralysing the growing. Otherwise, the mushrooms would stop growing and die.

In order to know which of the problems we have in our growing of magic mushrooms, it is essential to control the growing parameters as much as possible. For this we always recommend the use of a thermo-hygrometer.

But for growing psychedelic mushrooms we need to comply with more parameters correctly. In addition to temperature and humidity, it is very important to control the lighting that the mushroom kit receives. By keeping control we can be more relaxed if our magic mushroom kit not growing.

Lighting in the growing of magic mushrooms

The light that our mushroom kit receives plays an important role in its development. Although it is true that for the primordia and mycelium to bear fruit they do not necessarily need light, the mushrooms that are born from the mycelium do.

The light that the mushroom kit should receive should be indirect. At no time should the mushroom kit be exposed to full sun or under a neon or lamp. If artificial light is used, we recommend that it be white and never directly on the kit.

If we decide to grow under sunlight, it is advisable to place shading nets on the windows, preventing the kit from receiving direct light, but keeping it illuminated.
It is important to check the lighting that our mushroom kit receives, because if it is in a very bright or dark area, this can be another important reason why our magic mushroom kit not growing.

Adequate ventilation for growing psychedelic mushrooms

Being a living being, it needs oxygen to breathe, which is why we recommend maintaining adequate ventilation in the growing process. Whether we are growing in a bag, which contains a passive air inlet and outlet filter, or in a propagator, which usually has air inlets, we must renew the oxygen inside.

Ideally, the bag or propagator should be opened twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. This will renew the oxygen inside the bag so that the mushrooms can develop optimally.

It should be noted that some mushroom kit can take two weeks or even three weeks to start fruiting. If all the parameters are correct and the magic mushroom kit is still not responding, it could have been contaminated, which is the end and the reason why our mushroom kit is not growing. To find out if the mushroom kit has been contaminated, we suggest you visit our blog to learn more about it.

It is very important that during the handling of the bread, we have disinfected as much as possible with antiseptic gels. Cleanliness is a key point in the growing of psychodelic mushroom kits.

In addition, we remind you that in your trusted online grow shop you can buy mushroom kit at the best price and totally legal.

Important: Mushroom kits are only seeds of exclusive use for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental use. They are not for agricultural or food use. Themariashop is not responsible for any illicit use that third parties may make of these kits or seeds.

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