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Top 10 : Marijuana with more THC

Top 10 Cannabis strains with more THC 2023

In this post we have compiled a Top 10 of the feminized cannabis strains with more THC in our catalogue. If you find a more potent strain in THC, and it is not in this article we would love you to let us know, so we can introduce it in our catalogue. Even if you do not find it in our online grow shop you can ask us and we will do our best to get the variety you want.

Feminised cannabis strains with the more THC – more powerful

THC is the most well-known psychoactive compound in cannabis, and is responsible for most of the euphoric effects felt after smoking or consuming cannabis. If you’re looking for maximum potency, you’re in luck: there are several cannabis strains that contain exceptionally high levels of THC.

Here are some of the most potent cannabis strains on the market, along with information about their THC levels and other important details.

  1. Chiquita Banana (34% THC)

Chiquita Banana by Blimburn Seeds was developed from an extremely potent female, Banana OG x OG Kush, which has a particularly pronounced terpene and cannabinoid profile. Both mother plants were selected through a long process of searching for flavour and potency to finally obtain the properties they had imagined. Chiquita Banana feminized seeds are a fruity and balanced hybrid with amazing genetics from the OG family. This strain is a cross between the tasty Banana OG and an old OG Kush hybrid and has the potency and taste of both parents. In addition, it is a cannabis plant that offers a THC content between 25 – 34%.

Chiquita Banana - Blimburn Seeds

  1. B-45 by Booba (32% THC)

B-45 By Booba is one of the more THC potent cannabis strains in the world. This magnificent variety has been created by Silent Seeds and the rapper Booba. Thanks to Silent Seeds, Booba has created his own cannabis strain.

The B-45 By Booba genetics is a hybrid of several American genetics and its THC content can reach up to 32%.

B-45 - Silent Seeds

  1. Gorilla Girl (31% THC)

Gorilla Girl by Sweet Seeds is a hybrid resulting from the cross between two of the most famous and potent genetics from America, Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies.

The Girl Scout Cookies specimen used is the phenotype known as “Thin Mint” indica-sativa hybrid with sativa dominance. Gorilla Girl is one of the cannabis strains with the more THC content. As a result, it has a very potent effect, its THC levels are very high, reaching 31% in optimal growing conditions.

Gorilla Girl has an intense aroma and flavour, with hints of cypress, wood, citrus and earthy undertones.

Gorilla Girl - Sweet Seeds - Cannabis strains with more THC


  1. God’s Glue (30% THC)

God’s Glue by Ministry of Cannabis is a feminised cannabis strain born from the cross between two Gorilla’s Glue #4, one in seed form acquired in the USA and the other in clone form. This variety is characterised by its great potency and a high THC level that can reach exorbitant levels of 30%.

Its aroma is very complex, starting with a base of earth and diesel, completing it with notes of citrus. Even as a hybrid, the effect is similar to a potent indica, but totally happy and social.

God's Glue - Ministry of Cannabis


  1. Mimosa Evo (30% THC)

Mimosa Evo feminized from Barney’s Farm is born from the cross between Purple Punch x Clementine, the result of this crossing is a super productive variety with THC levels between 24 and 26% easily, although the most experienced growers can reach levels of up to 30%. It is one of the cannabis strains with the more THC of the seed bank.

It is a fantastic strain to enjoy during the day, a real free buffet for the creative and artistic part of the brain. You can expect a gradual burst of energy, motivation and an uplifting effect that lifts you up giving you happiness throughout the day.

Its tropical lemon citrus flavour with hints of wild berries. What better fruity cocktail to accompany the powerful energising euphoric effects.

Mimosa Evo de Barney's Farm - Cannabis strains with more THC


  1. Runtz Muffin (29% THC)

Runtz Muffin by Barney’s Farm is an Indica dominant hybrid, developed from the cross between Zkittlez x Gelato #33 x Orange Punch. The effect of this strain is strong, containing THC levels of up to 29%. Runtz Muffin allows you to explore and feel in entirely new ways, calming your thoughts into peaceful, philosophical dreams that subject your mind to the state of a beautiful mountain stream, bubbling gently in the bright sunlight.

Experiencing this delicacy is like being wrapped in a blanket of sweet-smelling lavender scented with a hint of clementine. Discover delicious aromas straight from your childhood sweet shop: hints of orange marzipan can often be found during flowering.

Runtz Muffin - Barney's Farm


  1. Bay Burger (28% THC)

Bay Burger by Delicious Seeds is a feminized cannabis strain with indica dominance, born from the cross between Bay 11 x Donny Burger, and is one of the genetics that could not miss on this list, because its THC content is 28%. We don’t need to explain the relaxing effect typical of an indica, but we have to warn you of the irremediable desire to laugh that you will feel when you try it, and by the way we can tell you that this will last for a long time.

When you try it, you will notice the Pine – Lemon – Kush mix that seems to be tailor-made for the initial earthy flavour with hints of forest. But beware, we are missing a third step: the final organoleptic explosion of metallic kush flavour in the mouth.

Bay Burger - Delicious Seeds


  1. Cookies Gelato (28% THC)

Cookies Gelato by Royal Queen Seeds is a 50% Indica / 50% Sativa hybrid cannabis seed. Born from the cross between two legendary strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato 33, making it one of the more THC cannabis strains. Cookies Gelato produces monstrous levels of THC such as 28%, which throws the mind into an altered state of consciousness, suspending it there for hours.

The effects focus on the body and mind alike. The cerebral high is characterised by a euphoric high and a philosophical, almost psychedelic outlook. Whereas, the body high brings a relaxing touch because it is less pronounced. If you are looking for psychedelic strains we recommend you take a look at our top 10 most sativa cannabis seeds.

Cookies Gelato combines the best traits of these two strains, both strains have a sweet and sugary terpene profile. As a result, the taste is pleasant with a sweet and sugary aroma.

Cookies Gelato - Royal Queen Seeds - Cannabis strains with more THC


  1. Colombian Jack (28% THC)

Colombian Jack from the seedbank Kannabia Seeds is a Sativa genetics created from the cross between Nebula from Paradise Seeds, together with Black Jack. It is one of the sativa cannabis strains with more THC, close to 29%. Its cerebral effect is one of the most creative we know, pure mental energy to free yourself and think. In addition, in its withdrawal leaves a relaxing influence that reaches the body. We recommend sharing it with friends, creating and recreating with it.

It has a fine citrus fragrance, lime and grapefruit, much more elegant than the classic lemon candy. Although, its Jack Herer genetics add that cathedral touch of incense or intoxicating sandalwood oil.

Colombian Jack - Kannabia Seeds - Cannabis strains with more THC


  1. Gorila Bilbo (27% THC)

Gorilla Bilbo by Genehtik Seeds is an indica cannabis seed, originally created by chance between Chem Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. However, the seedbank decided to work on an elite clone of GG4 fka Gorilla Glue #4, in order to create this indica monster. As its name Glue warns us, it is a very resinous plant, ideal for resin extractions and concentrates.

It is one of the cannabis strains with more THC in the market, capable of reaching 27% of THC. With a very indica effect, very relaxing and recommended for experienced growers due to its high THC content. Its earthy, sour, citric flavour, with hints of gasoline, make it a real delight.

Gorila Bilbo - Genehtik Seeds - Cannabis strains more THC



In the past, cannabis strains contained quite low levels of THC, around 5 or 10%. Although all this is history, because nowadays we can find strains with more than 30% THC, in our catalogue the strain with more THC is:

Chiquita Banana - Blimburn Seeds / Cannabis strains more THC

Chiquita Banana 34% THC

If you are a grower of autoflowering seeds, we recommend you to visit our top 10 autoflowering seeds with the most THC.

Tips for maximising THC potency

If you are looking for maximum potency, there are several things you can do to maximise the THC content of your cannabis:

      • Grow in ideal conditions: THC content can be affected by light, humidity and other environmental factors, so it is important to grow in ideal conditions.
      • Harvest at the right time: The time of harvest can significantly affect the THC content, so it is important to wait until the buds are fully mature before harvesting, using a microscope or magnifying glass to see the state of the trichomes.
      • Harvest your plants in the morning, this is when THC levels are at their peak.
      • Use extraction methods: If you want to maximise THC content, consider extractions such as BHO or Rosin to create ultra-potent cannabis concentrates.

If you wish, you can also check out the more THC cannabis strains of 2022 on calle25.

Products to increase the THC content of the plant

There are different products on the market that can help increase the THC of the cannabis plant. Some of the most popular are:

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