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Top 10 autoflowering seeds with more THC 2023

In this post we have compiled a Top 10 of the autoflowering cannabis seeds with the more THC in our catalogue. If you find a more THC potent strain, and it is not in this article, we would love you to let us know, so we can include it in our catalogue. Even if you can’t find it in our online grow shop, you can ask us and we will do our best to get the strain you want.

The most potent autoflowering cannabis strains with more THC

THC is the most well-known psychoactive molecule in cannabis, and is responsible for most of the euphoric effects felt after smoking or consuming cannabis. If you are looking for maximum potency, you are in luck: there are several autoflowering cannabis seeds that contain exceptionally high levels of THC.

Here are some of the most potent autoflowering cannabis strains on the market. Along with information about their THC levels and other important details such as effect and taste.

Gorilla Cookies Auto (28,5% THC)

Gorilla Cookies Auto - Fast Buds / autoflowering seeds more THC
Gorilla Cookies Auto – Fast Buds

Introducing the jewel in the crown, Gorilla Cookies Auto from the American seedbank Fast Buds. Awarded as the best autoflowering variety at the Cosecha Cup and as the best indica at the Autoflower World Cup.

This is a hybrid plant born between Gorilla and Cookies, which, after years of work, has become the most productive and powerful plant in the Fast Buds catalogue.

Its enormous potency, capable of reaching 28.5% THC, makes it the autoflowering seeds with more THC in the market, for the moment. Its effect is very balanced, offering an intense cerebral high that will leave us totally euphoric, enjoying the laughter. It will slowly transform into a body effect that will leave us totally relaxed. Its synergistic effect makes it a perfect plant to consume at the end of the day.

Its flavour is an elaborate blend of earthy Kush flavours, which are combined with light menthol touches, together with a diesel and lemon mix. You will notice a sweet biscuit flavour on the inhale and a diesel citrus flavour on the exhale.

Cherry Cola Auto (28,1% THC)

Cherry Cola Auto - Fast Buds / autoflowering seeds more THC
Cherry Cola Auto – Fast Buds

The Cherry Cola Auto from Fast Buds is an impressive autoflowering seed, noted for its huge THC percentage, capable of reaching 28%. Its cultivation is very easy and will provide us with a large amount of fat, resinous buds, full of bubbles with aromatic cola terpenes. We recommend that if you have the possibility, perform resin extractions, you will be amazed.

Its effect is a roller coaster of emotions, firstly euphoric, smiles and good conversations, while your mood rises. Subsequently, a state of relaxation will invade your body, helping to reduce anxiety and muscle aches. Don’t forget to look for munchies, you’ll need them.

It has a sweet, pure sugar taste that you can taste in your mouth when you smoke these flowers. Your throat will be enveloped in a fruity taste with a fizzy background that will increase each time you inhale. But when you expel the smoke it will leave you with a taste of cherries, red fruits leaving you with a spectacular berry flavour.

Auto Skywalker Haze (26,84%THC)

Auto Skywalker Haze - Dutch Passion / autoflowering seeds more THC
Auto Skywalker Haze – Dutch Passion

The end of the top 3, Auto Skywalker Haze is an autoflowering seed from the Dutch seedbank, born from the cross between Skywalker Haze (Mazar x Blueberry) x Amsterdam Amnesia. Its genetics allow it to reach levels of up to 26% THC, entering the top 3 autoflowering seeds with more THC. It is a seed with sativa genetics that develops strong and robust plants, producing large, hard and compact buds.

Its effect provides a combination of a mental high with a body stone. It is a very strong and fast high that can be overwhelming at times. It gives an energetic, social and relaxing feeling.

The taste is pungent and fruity, with citrus and haze notes, combining a fruity, sour and spicy terpene profile, making it a strain for enthusiasts.

Zkittlez OG Auto (26%THC)

Zkittlez OG Auto - Barney's Farm
Zkittlez OG Auto – Barney’s Farm

The Zkittlez OG Auto plant by Barney’s Farm is an autoflowering indica-sativa hybrid seed that unites the new American school of Zkittlez, with the old OG Kush, using BF Super Auto#1 to get autoflowering genetics. Thanks to Barney’s we can enjoy the power of West Coast genetics with one of the autoflowering plants with more THC in their catalogue.

It is a very productive plant indoors and outdoors, which offers buds full of resin, simulating sugar, overflowing THC in them.

Its effect is very calm, being a hybrid, its effect will elevate our mood, keeping us alert, happy while relaxed and focused.

The flavour and aroma of Zkittlez OG Auto is a fruity, sweet, fruity cocktail of fruits and wild berries, with hints of sweet and sour caramel, earthy notes and a slight skunky background.

Mimosa Bruce Banner XL Auto (26%THC)

Mimosa Bruce Banner XL Auto - Sweet Seeds / autoflowering seeds more THC
Mimosa Bruce Banner XL Auto – Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds created Mimosa Bruce Banner XL Auto, is an autoflowering seed created from the cross between two excellent American genetics. Mimosa (Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) x Purple Punch (Larry OG x Big Daddy Purple)) together with the famous Bruce Banner from Sweet Seeds.

Its sativa genetics will make for a tall plant with long buds and colas full of very resinous and aromatic buds. Some phenotypes of Mimosa Bruce Banner XL Auto can show flowers and leaves with reddish tones at the end of the crop.

Its effect is very potent, thanks to its 26% of THC that offers a happy, euphoric and long lasting state. Being a sativa genetics plant, it will enhance the imagination and creativity, so it is perfect to consume in artistic moments.

The taste of this plant is exquisite, very sweet and attractive, its fruity citrus notes between tangerine and strawberry, hints of cypress and a slight pleasant background of smoked cheese, make it a real treat.

Auto Cinderella Jack (25,94%THC)

Auto Cinderella Jack - Dutch Passion
Auto Cinderella Jack – Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion also includes Auto Cinderella Jack, which are autoflowering seeds that were considered the autoflowering variety with more THC in 2020. Its 25.94% THC percentage makes it one of the most potent seeds on the market.

Born from the cross between Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer and Magnum, we will get easy to grow, productive and quality plants. Its trichome-laden buds overflow with white resin ideal for resin extractions, BHO, Rosin, Wax, shatter, among other concentrates.

It will give us a strong effect with a magnificent and long lasting high. Its combination of an energetic high and a powerful relaxing buzz will give us a pleasant hit.

The taste of Auto Cinderella Jack is wonderful and offers a very fruity fresh aroma, similar to pine.

Gorilla Glue Auto (25%THC)

Gorilla Glue Auto - Barney's Farm

Gorilla Glue Auto by Barney’s Farm is an indica-dominant autoflowering seed. Born from the cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and BF Super Auto#1 it is a plant that is not recommended for beginner smokers. The 25% THC content of Gorilla Glue Auto will hit you hard wherever you are.

It is a productive and fast plant, which gives monstrous results of huge buds.

The effect is strong, which, despite being indica, provides a mind-blowing psychedelic exuberance. We detected magnificent aromas and spicy flavours, very creamy coffee.

Gorilla Girl XL Auto  (25%THC)

Gorilla Girl XL Auto - Sweet Seeds
Gorilla Girl XL Auto – Sweet Seeds

With American genetics, Gorilla Girl XL Auto by Sweet Seeds are Super Strong autoflowering seeds. It is the result between two powerful genetics of the Cookies family, such as; Gorilla Girl x Sweet Gelato Auto. Two of the cannabis seeds with more THC, which is why it is found in the most potent autoflowering varieties.

It is a very productive plant, with buds loaded with resin, with large flowers and long trichomes. Due to its exuberant yield of resin, which completely covers the calyxes of the buds, it is perfect for resin extractions.

It is a sativa genetics variety, so its psychoactive effect is very high, thanks to its 25% THC, it will stimulate our mind and will get our best smiles.

Its intense, sweet and fruity flavour, with hints of blue cypress, wood and earthy and citrus touches, stand out among its powerful effect. A plant that you should definitely try once in your life.

Wedding Cake Auto (25%THC)

Wedding Cake Auto - Barney's Farm
Wedding Cake Auto – Barney’s Farm

The Wedding Cake Auto autoflowering seeds by Barney’s Farm have a reputation that will leave you cold. Born from the cross between Wedding Cake and BF Super Auto#1 from which the Skywalker OG genetics stand out.

It is a plant of indica genetics, compact, very productive and resistant. Barney’s has created a plant that is more resistant to insects and stress, and an increase in resin yield. Its buds are covered in tasty sugar crystals like a cake.

It is a seed that reaches 25% THC and 2.4% CBD making the synergy between them produce a totally narcotic effect. It will immerse us in an unstoppable and long-lasting trip of relaxation, very soothing and sleepy.

Its fruity taste of grapes and wild berries will make you enjoy this variety without realizing it, and will immerse you in that long journey.

Green Gelato Auto (24%THC)

Green Gelato Auto - Royal Queen Seeds / autoflowering seeds more THC
Green Gelato Auto – Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds puts Green Gelato Auto in the top 10, it is an autoflowering seed, created from feminized Green Gelato. Born from the cross between Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet is a variety that produces THC levels of up to 24%, and exquisite aromas.

It is a super easy to grow plant, perfect for beginners, with tall, narrow, shiny branches full of trichomes.

A couple of puffs will be enough to feel all its power. Its psychoactive effect will get your mind racing, making it perfect for painting, writing or being creative. Ideal for use in social settings. It also lifts your mood, relieves pain and whets your appetite.

Its incredible flavours are sweet with a hint of earth and very citrusy aromas.

Gorilla Cookies Auto Autoflowering seeds with more THC

Autoflowering strains have always been lower in THC levels compared to feminised strains. Nowadays, there are autoflowering seeds that have nothing to envy to the feminized ones. The autoflowering seed with more THC in our catalogue is Gorilla Cookies Auto by Fast Buds with 28,5% THC.

The top autoflowering seeds with more THC is Gorilla Cookies Auto by Fast Buds with 28,5% THC. Are you ready to feel its strong hits with a sweet taste? Get it and tell us your experience!

Gorilla Cookies Auto - Fast Buds / autoflowering seeds more THC
Gorilla Cookies Auto 28,5% THC – Fast Buds

If you are a grower of feminised seeds, we recommend you to visit our top 10 feminised cannabis seeds with more THC.

Tips for maximising THC potency

If you are looking for maximum potency, there are several things you can do to maximise the THC content of your cannabis:

  • Grow in ideal conditions: THC content can be affected by light, humidity and other environmental factors, so it is important to grow in ideal conditions.
  • Harvest at the right time: The time of harvest can significantly affect the THC content, so it is important to wait until the buds are fully mature before harvesting, using a microscope or magnifying glass to see the state of the trichomes.
  • Harvest your plants in the morning, this is when THC levels are at their peak.
  • Use extraction methods: If you want to maximise THC content, consider extractions such as BHO or Rosin to create ultra-potent cannabis concentrates.

If you want to know which are the autoflowering seeds with more THC in 2022, check out Calle25’s blog.

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