HPS and MH Lamps

In this section you will find sodium and metal halide lamps (HPS and HM bulbs) of the brands Sylvania, Phillips, Sunmaster, Pure light, Solux and Vanguard for indoor growing, for their operation they need a transformer or ballast.

The brands that you will find in themariashop, have HPS and HM bulbs of 150w, 250w, 400w and 600 watts. Available for the growth phase Metal Halide, for the flowering phase Sodium, for the growth and flowering phase Grolux.


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What are light lamps in indoor growing and what are they used for?

Light lamps are artificial light sources that we use when growing cannabis indoors. Their main function is to provide the necessary illumination for plants to photosynthesise and grow healthily. In indoor growing, where natural light is limited, bulbs play an essential role in maintaining a proper light cycle during all stages of plant cultivation.

Different light spectra and the importance of the light spectrum

Light lamps emit different light spectra, which refer to the colours and wavelengths of the light they produce. The most important light spectra for cannabis cultivation are the full spectrum, which includes all the wavelengths needed for plant growth, and the specific light spectrum for the flowering phase.

Full spectrum light is essential for vegetative growth, while the flowering light spectrum is crucial for bud yields. The right spectrum at each stage ensures optimal plant development and maximum flower yields.

Differences between HM lamps, HPS lamps and Grolux lamps

HM (Metal Halide) lamps are ideal for vegetative growth due to their bluish light spectrum, which favours the development of leaves and stems. However, their use during the flowering phase can result in less dense buds.

On the other hand, HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps are widely used for the flowering phase due to their orange/reddish light spectrum, which boosts the yield of dense, resinous flowers. They are not as effective for vegetative growth.

Grolux lamps are a more complete option, offering a light spectrum that covers both vegetative and flowering phases. They are a versatile alternative for the whole growing cycle.

Advantages and benefits of each type of lamp

HM lamps are efficient for vegetative growth, as they promote a vigorous development of leaves and stems. They are ideal for cuttings and seedlings.

HPS lamps are excellent for the flowering phase, as they promote the formation of dense and resinous buds. They are perfect for maximising flower yields.

Grolux bulbs offer a full spectrum of light, suitable for the entire growing cycle. They are a versatile and convenient option for growers with limited space or looking for an all-in-one option.

How many watts does a lamp have to be for indoor cultivation?

When growing cannabis indoors, growers can find lamps with different power levels, expressed in watts (W). The choice of the wattage of the bulb will depend on factors such as the size of the growing area, the light needs of the plants and the growth stages in which they are.

Lamps differ in different power levels, the most common in growing cannabis indoors being the following:

The lamps are available in different wattages such as 250W, 400W and 600W. These are the most common levels used in growing cannabis indoors.

To use a 250W bulb, a 250W compatible ballast will be required. The same goes for the other powers. For example, a 600W bulb will require a 600W ballast.

It is important for growers to ensure that the ballast used is compatible with the wattage of the bulb they wish to use. Using a ballast with a lower or higher wattage than the bulb could affect its performance and, in some cases, even damage both the ballast and the bulb.

Before purchasing the lamps and ballasts, we must verify the corresponding specifications and wattages to ensure that they are compatible and provide adequate lighting for cannabis plants at each stage of cultivation.

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