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New varieties Ripper Seeds 2016

New varieties Ripper Seeds 2016

Ripper Seeds surprises us this year 2016 with three new varieties in its catalog of feminized marijuana seeds and one of them also in a regular version.

Like all Ripper Seeds varieties, we are sure that these three will leave us just as surprised as the ones known so far; That is why at themariashop we wanted to make them available as soon as we have heard of their existence.

The names of these new beasts are just like those of their sisters, some original and explosive names when pronouncing them: Fuel OGAcid Dough and Ripper Badazz.


Acid dough Acid dough


Fuel OG Fuel OG


Ripper baddaz Ripper badazz

Strong varieties in effect, flavor and production, what more could you ask for.

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