The autoflowering seeds are new varieties of marijuana plants that descend from the species cannabis rudelaris that come from Eastern European countries, are very resistant to cold and fast flowering plants but with the exception that has a very low level of THC and can not be cloned.

Currently, these autoflowering plants are being crossed with other normal varieties to obtain better production and high THC levels.

The autoflowering seeds are not photoperiod dependent, i.e. they do not respond to the day/night light cycle, but start flowering automatically three to four weeks after germination.

These plants are very easy to grow as the growing period is so short that practically no growth fertilizer is needed, but it is advisable to use flowering fertilizer to obtain better harvests..

The autoflowering plants have a rather small size which makes it a discreet plant, usually does not exceed one meter in height, although the latest crosses of auto seeds seem to have a little more height for a larger production of buds.

Another feature of the autoflowering plant is that there is almost no need to worry about the annoying pests of bugs that infect marijuana plants, because having such a fast flowering does not give time for them to appear.

The complete cycle from germination to harvest can last between 50 and 100 days, depending on the variety we choose. The best time to grow outdoors and get the maximum yield of the plant is from March to August for temperate climate zones, but keep in mind that when planting from July to August, it is better to plant varieties of about 60 days to avoid the cold and autumn rains and to be able to get a good harvest.

Indoors the seed banks advise to cultivate them in continuous periods of 18 to 20 hours per day, that is to say, from germination to harvest. It is sufficient to use pots of between 10 and 15 liters both indoors and outdoors.

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