Dark Chunk Regular by Xtreme Seeds is a regular cannabis seed. It has a special appearance for it’s purplish and black colour in it’s branches, leaves and flowers. Very greedy for it’s large amount of resin and it’s taste for gourmet palates.

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Dark Chunk is a variety of regular cannabis seeds that you can buy in our grow shop online at the best price. It’s origin is due to the collaboration between Xtreme Seeds and The Blue Stone Sanctuary. By crossing two heavy indicas, between Shiva Blue and Deep Chunk of The Blue Stone Sanctuary, of wild Afghan origin and brought from Canada, this new seed was created.

Dark Chunk Regular Growing Information

This is a new variety of the so-called “Deep Chunk Line”. It has a special appearance because of it’s purplish-black colour in it’s branches, leaves and flowers. And also for it’s amount of resin, ideal for extractions. It is a new line of seeds with which you can create breeding projects thanks to it’s wide genetics, healthy and strong.

Indoor growing

It isn’t a commercial seed but Dark Chunk Regular does generate a medium yield with top quality flowers. Under lights your harvest will be ready in 60/65 days, perfect for delighting yourself with it’s characteristic flowers.

Outdoor Growing

Dark Chunk Regular is a seed that if grown outdoors, we advise you to use large pots of 11 litres, so you will help its root development and grow bigger and stronger. Also accompany its growth with Bio Vega fertiliser, and in its flowering phase with Bio Flores fertiliser. These are two elements that are always good to use, as long as your plant is well fed.

The purple flowers of Dark Chunk Regular are ideal for resin extractions, if you want to get the most out of your harvest. You can opt for BHO extractions, dry hash or ice hash, using the trichomes that wrap around most of the plant.

Taste and aroma for the sybarites palate of Dark Chunk Regular

Following the “Deep Chunk” line, when smoking it’s flowers you will notice a spicy and spicy touch, with a background of damp earth. It is a peculiar flavour that will be enjoyed by the most sybarites.

Narcotic effect

Being indica-dominant, it’s physical and narcotic effect is noticeable. You will be overcome by a relaxing and sedative wave that will help you to have a moment of tranquillity, without stress. So take a break and let yourself go.

Characteristics of Dark Chunk Regular by Xtreme Seeds:

  • Genetics: Shiva Blue x Deep Chunk
  • Genotype: 100% Indica
  • Flowering indoor: 60 – 65 days
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