Connecting fittings are essential elements in indoor marijuana growing. They allow you to join and direct the ventilation ducts, ensuring an efficient and controlled system. With them, an airtight connection is achieved between extractors, carbon filters and ducts, avoiding air leaks and optimising the flow.

These accessories are key to maintaining optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and odour elimination, guaranteeing successful growing.


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Connection accessories for growing marijuana: Optimise your ventilation system

Discover connection accessories: Improve your ventilation system

Marijuana growers use connection accessories to connect and direct the ventilation ducts in the growing system. These components make it possible to establish tight connections between different elements of the ventilation system, such as extractors, carbon filters and ducting. Connecting accessories ensure an efficient and controlled airflow in the indoor growing of marijuana.

Ensure successful growing with grow plugs and fittings

Connection accessories play a crucial role in marijuana growing, as they play a vital role in maintaining an effective ventilation system. A proper ventilation system is essential for air renewal, temperature control and the elimination of undesirable odours. Connecting fittings help to prevent air leakage, ensure proper flow and minimise the power loss of the ventilation system.

Aluconnect, Sonnoconnect and Combiconnect pipes: Choose the best option for your growing

The main connection accessories are the tubes. We have Aluconnect, Sonnoconnect and Combiconnect tubes, which are types of conduit used in marijuana growing.

  • Aluconnect is a flexible and heat resistant aluminium tube, ideal for straight and curved connections.
  • Sonnoconnect is an acoustic tube with an insulating layer that helps to reduce extractor noise.
  • Combiconnect is a flexible and insulated tube that is much stronger, with a black PVC coating.

Securely fastened: Metal flanges for a reliable ventilation system

Metal cable ties are accessories used to secure and fix connection ducts and other components of the ventilation system. These flanges provide a secure and sturdy connection, preventing slippage or misalignment.

Metal cable ties are particularly useful for connections that require a firm hold, such as duct connections to exhaust fans or carbon filters. These flanges ensure a solid and reliable connection in the growing ventilation system.

Optimise air flow: Diameter reducers, elbows, Greek Y’s and T’s

Diameter reducers, elbows and Greek “Y” and “T” are fittings used to adapt and direct the airflow in the ventilation system.

Reducers play a key role in allowing ductwork of different diameters to be connected. Elbows are used to make bends and change the direction of airflow, while Greek “Y “s and “T “s divide the flow in two or more directions. These fittings are essential for setting up an efficient ventilation system and adapting it to the needs of the growing space.

In short, connection accessories play an essential role in marijuana growing by optimising the ventilation system. These fittings ensure tight connections, maintain efficient airflow and minimise power losses. Popular choices for ducting include Aluconnect, Sonnoconnect and Combiconnect tubing. Metal clamping flanges ensure a firm hold, while diameter reducers, elbows and Greek “Y” and “T” fittings allow the airflow in the ventilation system to be adapted and directed. These accessories are key elements for successful indoor marijuana growing.

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