Buddha Auto AK are autoflowering seeds from Buddha Seeds with a very energetic effect, easy to grow and with a delicious fruity taste.

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Buddha Auto AK are autoflowering cannabis seeds from Buddha Seeds bank that you can buy at the best price in our online grow shop. Its genetics come from old cuttings kept for more than 20 years, maintaining its incredible vigour. To produce Buddha AK, the breeders worked on it to make it more resistant and easier to grow.

AK History

From the moment this classic was discovered it gained popularity in the cannabis world. To this day, it still has clear intentions of earning its place in the Olympus of legends.

We go back to the 70s, a time when its incredible potency marked a before and after, because very few crosses can match and surpass it, to this day. Its name AK is due to the origin of one of its pure Afghan Kush relatives, although many growers believe it is due to the weapon of war.
The original parents are pure sativas from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan, although it is difficult to be sure. These strains were crossed and tamed over the years before AK was released in the late 1990s.

It is a variety that has played a very important role in the work of breeders, starring in many new crosses (Critical #47 Auto, Jack #47 XL, Somango #47 Auto…). She alone has won more than twenty cannabis cup awards. That is why Buddha Seeds developed Buddha Auto AK.

Buddha Auto AK growing information

It is a plant that develops very well, being of sativa genetics, its growth is high. It takes only 70 days to grow, yielding 400 – 550 gr/m2, while outdoors it yields 60 – 100 gr/plant.

We recommend the use of fertilisers such as Bio Grow and Bio Bloom, or Starter Pack, which contains the base fertilisers together with the stimulators Root Juice, Bio Heaven and Top Max. With them we will maximize the development and yield of the plant.

Flavour and aroma of Buddha Auto AK

Depending on the phenotype we will have delicious aromas and flavours. As a result, they will be fruity and citrus flavours, with earthy undertones.

Energetic effect

The effect produced by Buddha Auto AK is very energetic, ideal for grey days. The cerebral high is long lasting, but without any body-heavy effects. It is a plant that induces good vibes, which is why it is a perfect variety for social consumption.

Buddha Auto AK is a plant selected among the specimens with the highest THC concentration, so we understand why it continues to fill growers’ cupboards today with smokes that satisfy the most demanding palates.

If you want to grow this strain, but are a feminized grower, take a look at Buddha AK.

Characteristics of Buddha Auto AK by Buddha Seeds:

  • Genetics: Afghan Kush x Ruderalis
  • Genotype: Sativa dominant
  • Harvest: 70 days
  • Indoor yield: 400 – 500 gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 60 – 100 gr/plant
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