In this section you will be able to buy ultra-thin paper of many kinds and formats of the different brands of the present market, among them one of the oldest and prestigious marks of rolling paper "OCB", also you will be able to buy natural paper RAW, in this case the paper has not been treated by any kind of product such as chlorine or bleach. Another brands you will find below are ultra-thin paper SUNRAY and RASTA with incredible prices and lastly the JASS paper brand, it is a paper for Extra fine smoking that comes from France with exceptional quality.

Choose the size and type of paper you want, whether it was slim sizeroll, 1 1/4doubleunbleachednatural or hemp.

You will find them from all the previously named brands, OCBRAWRASTASUNRAY and JASS. We have...

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Showing 1 - 15 of 24 items