In this section, Themariashop offers you a wide range of high quality plastic pots with drainage system in different sizes ranging from 1 litre to 25 litres.

The plastic pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, depending on the needs of the crop and the grower.

Choose the plastic pots that best suit your crop so that the plant can develop in the best way.


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Plastic pots for cannabis growing: The basis for healthy growth

Plastic pots are essential containers for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors. These containers provide an optimal environment for plant growth. They are easy to use and highly durable.

Plastic pots to suit your needs

Plastic pots are available in a wide range of sizes, from small containers of a few litres ideal for cuttings or seedlings, to larger pots that can accommodate mature cannabis plants. The choice of size depends on the stage of growth of your plants and the space available in your grow.

Available sizes:

  • 1 litre
  • 3 litre
  • 6 litres
  • 7 litres
  • 11 litres
  • 18 litres
  • 25 litres

In addition, water collection dishes are available to fit the sizes of pots.

Key benefits of growing cannabis in plastic pots

Environmental control: Pots offer a controlled growing environment. This is vital for regulating the access of oxygen and water to the plants’ roots, ensuring healthy development.

Efficient drainage: The vast majority of plastic pots have holes in the base to allow proper water drainage, preventing stagnation and possible root rot.

They prevent root compaction: Their texture prevents roots from becoming too compacted, which can hinder plant growth.

Reusable: Plastic pots are reusable season after season, making them an economical and environmentally friendly option.

Easy to transport: Being light and easy to handle, they make it easy to move your plants if necessary.

Customisation of the substrate: Having our plants in individual pots allows for greater customisation of the substrates. We can adjust the mixes of soil, coco fibre or other substrates according to the specific needs of each plant.

Compact spaces: If we have limited growing space, pots are ideal because of their space-efficient shape. This is why we can place them strategically to maximise the use of the available area.

Plant rotation: Pots are useful for plant rotation. Thanks to it, we can easily move them around to ensure they all receive an even amount of light and aeration.

In short, plastic pots are an essential investment for any cannabis grower. By choosing the right size and ensuring they are well maintained, you will be providing your plants with an optimal environment for growth and flowering.

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