In Themariashop we recommend using food and cosmetics cannabis products , so we have added to our online shop a selection of food products with hemp extracts rich in vegetable proteins, in them you will find the CBD oil, CBD paste, virgin oil hemp seed, 100% Arabic coffee with cannabis extract (milled and in capsules) , wine,  black chocolate tablets, etc…

Also in this section you will find a wide range of cannabis cosmetics with a high content of CBD, a substance extracted from medical marijuana to help you reduce muscle, joint pain, migraines, inflammation and skin problems such as wounds, herpes, eczema and others. Among the cosmetic cannabis products you will find pomade, balms, massage oils, etc…
All these cosmetics and food cannabis products are made it with 100% natural ingredients, they don't contain not artificial colors, nor preservatives.
They Do not contain neither THC substances or psychoactive, but thanks to the CBD and cannabinoids extracted from marijuana them self-have become really effective and with large medicinal percentage...

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Showing 1 - 15 of 112 items