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CBD flowers are marijuana buds that you can buy legally in almost the entire European Union. For this CBD flower to be legal, it must not exceed 0.2% THC.

CBD Flowers do not have THC or psychoactive substances, but they do contain multiple cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, CBN.

The best CBD flower

We have the best CBD in Spain, since we work with the best CBD brands and products grown in the European Union. The best CBD flower is, without a doubt, the one that is grown indoors. One of our best indoor CBD flowers is Cream caramel CBD.

Buy Indoor CBD Flowers

CBD Interior flowers are the best quality, they are the ones with the most aroma and the most resin. Also, the buds are much harder, some buds are super tight, like Bubblegum CBD for example.

Buy Outdoor CBD Flower

Outdoor CBD flower buds are slightly less quality flowers than indoor flowers,...

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Showing 1 - 15 of 44 items